Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Benghazi...word games vs the truth
By: Diane Sori

Benghazi...just the word reeks of cover-ups and lies.

Benghazi should have brought down this president...should have exposed the truth about what Ambassador Stevens discovered...should have given new meaning to aiding and abetting the enemy...

Benghazi should have done all this but sadly did none of it because those in power are still arguing over the words, 'terrorism' vs 'video.'

You know what...who cares what word is used to describe the nightmare known as Benghazi...'We the People' care about the four American deaths...'We the People' care about the cover-up of those deaths...and 'We the People' care about what Ambassador Stevens found out and why he had to be murdered to keep him quiet.

Those are the things 'We the People' care about NOT about what word is used to describe the 'supposed' why it happened...'We the People' want to know the truth...'We the People' demand to know the truth!

And enter center stage into the mix Obama's willing sacrificial lamb, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who became the queen of the talk show circuit who did Obama's dirty work for him...the woman who filled the airways with lies about a video knowing it was anything but a video...knowing the truth but hiding it well.

That is until yesterday.

Susan Rice, testifying behind closed doors before Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, gave an oh so obviously rehearsed testimony and issued a written statement, and when you filter out all the flowery words used to divert blame and attention off herself it comes down to to one of two things..she either bold faced lied on her own accord to cover for Obama knowing full well that she was on his short list for the coveted Secretary of State position she so desperately wanted or she was deliberately given erroneous information from higher ups to keep Obama's culpability in the four deaths out of the limelight through the election.

And that she did in either scenario aided by a media who have been in Obama's pocket since he first appeared on the national scene.

At the meeting Rice continued to insist that the statements she made on the Sunday, September 16th, talk shows were based on 'talking points' provided by the intelligence community, but she did acknowledge that she had been wrong to say Benghazi was caused by a video but that she never intended to deceive the American public.
Yeah right (insert sarcasm here).

And even while continuing to blame the CIA for providing her with that information, Rice would NOT acknowledge that the Obama administration had known for days that the attack on our consulate was a terrorist attack. So, once again someone in this administration refuses to take blame for their own actions. 
After her testimony the three Senators said they were more confused than ever before. In fact, Senator Grahm said he was 'more disturbed' after Rice's testimony...'more disturbed' goes way beyond mere confusion.

"It is clear the information she gave the American people was incorrect when she said that it was a spontaneous demonstration triggered by a hateful video," McCain said after the meeting with Rice. "We are significantly troubled by many of the answers that we got and some that we didn't get concerning evidence that was leading up to the attack on the consulate," continued McCain.

And again all this is well and fine but even with this Senator McCain is still arguing over word semantics instead of getting to the truth as to why Benghazi happened. 
And I believe the truth to be that Ambassador Stevens discovered that the Obama administration was running guns and weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood (and maybe even to al-Qaeda) both in Syria and in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, the very group coming to power all across the Middle East...the Muslim Brotherhood, on the US terrorist list...the Muslim Brotherhood is who Barack HUSSEIN Obama sides with, deals with, and negotiates with...and this is what Ambassador Stevens found out and this is why he had to be silenced....and this is why all the lies and all the coverups had to be done.

All in my humble opinion of course.

So stop with the arguing over what started the attack and get to the why it happened...and hold those involved accountable for it.

"We the People' demand no less.


  1. Hello again. I am livid about this Benghazi thing, but what bothers me the most about the 'investigations' is this focus on Susan Rice. I really don't care what she knew because I think (my personal opinion) is that there was and is gun-running going on and the State Department is smack in the middle of it. Which is probably why U.N. Amb.Rice was put out there instead of someone from State.

    Again, my personal opinion, this was a hostage situation gone wrong. A couple of points. The Seals were told to stand down according to most reporting. CIA and Defense said no orders were given by their departments to those on the ground to stand down. That would leave who? Who told them to stand down and Why?

    Was Obama in the situation room or not? If not, why not? No one has been willing to state unequivocally that he was or wasn't. It must not have been a big deal, since he went to bed to rest up for a campaign/fundraiser in Las Vegas.

    There were drones - no one is willing to say (classified) that they were armed, but they are also not saying that they were unarmed. If armed, why weren't they used on targets surrounding the safe house (not a consulate). It would seem logical that anyone outside the compound (safe house) wasn't offering coffee and doughnuts to guests.

    Why was security kept at minimum? Consulate or embassy would have more security - safe house, maybe not.

    Amb.Stevens was meeting a representative of the Turkish government. He has little security at a barely secured compound (safe house). Turkey could be the conduit for those leftover American sams (from the Libyan revolution) to get to the 'rebels' in Syria.

    Who are the rebels anyway? Probably Muslim Brotherhood.

    Then there's the Morsi-blind sheikh connection...Blind sheikh is released from the U.K. to U.S. earlier this year. Morsi wants him.

    U.S. election is coming up and smart politicians know an October surprise is a winning ticket, so to speak. What better time to plan a fake hostage situation and then following a respectable period of stalling and enough public outcry - voila! Get the American hostages back and give the sheikh to Morsi. Everybody's happy - no one gets hurt.

    But it didn't work out. Possibly there were different factions that got involved. One to wreak some havoc, and another to get some hostages. There was a video available for a time - it has virtually disappeared after an Arabic speaker heard it and claimed that someone said "Don't shoot us - Morsi sent us.". The video is still available out there, but you'll have to search for arabic sources.

    So we have four dead Americans. With a president who has a history of blaming others, where will the blame for this mess fall? On the ex-Seals??

    So Morsi didn't get what he wanted. But perhaps Obama will be able to negotiate to have Morsi renounce his newly-acquired pharaoh-ship status in return for releasing the blind sheikh. Then everybody's happy. Benghazi will fade into oblivion and Obama will be the hero by saving Egypt. Not saving Egypt really, saving Morsi from another revolution by those who don't want the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia law ruling the country.

    But we still have four dead Americans - and no answers.

  2. A lot of good points and like I stated Benghazi was gunrunning gone wrong. Ambassador Stevens found out and was going to go public with it and so had to be silenced. My opinion but an opinion that many others are agreeing with,