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‘The More Power The Government Has…’

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‘The More Power The Government Has…’
 “The more power the government has, the greater the risk to the people and the more dangerous the abuse.”–Edmund Burke, 1771.

Big government is organized crime in all but name, and the man in the street is numb to the universal risk in today’s world.

Politicians and bureaucrats are spending the world into oblivion while secretly hoping and expecting to escape debt with depreciated dollars: yours. The public is unaware.

Note that your “elected” politicians never talk about the ongoing depreciation (inflation) of paper money (U.S. dollars). They don’t want you to think about this. They would rather you think about Donald Sterling and his frivolous racial comments.

But you should be on high alert. Liquidity is not only negative; it is at its most negative level in history. Are we facing the second Great Depression or worse?

For the third time in 14 years, U.S. stocks are in a bubble and far more leveraged than ever before.

There are now more corporate bonds outstanding in the U.S. than there are mortgage-backed securities. This is significant, and the heart of the next crisis and the debt bubble will be non-financial corporate debt.

Investors beware! Stockholders beware!

Thanks to the Fed, it now seems that we have a bubble in all asset classes much larger than 2007. The Fed and other central banks with their expansionary monetary policies, all designed to boost asset prices, are similar to a juggler who is trying to keep all his balls in the air. The Big One is coming and there will be no place to hide except in very depressed gold stocks.

For the past four years, we have seen hard financial times and deteriorating business; but let me remind you of history. We don’t get the classic ice age depression until the New York stock market tanks. I expect this in 2014, this year. Its setup is now! No matter the fundamentals, every stock market that is booming seems to paralyze the mass mind.

Keep your gold stocks, your silver and gold and, yes, your stash of cash close to your heart.

These things will be scarce!

The coming second Great Depression will be very high-risk to your assets and to you personally. Get a good dog and bond with him and keep him in your home at night along with your loaded gun. Don’t be scared; just be ready.

The more ready you are, the safer you will be. This will all make sense to you in time.

The Two-Party System

The American people keep losing because they keep believing that there are two political parties.

This belief that there are two political parties is a great deception that covers over systemic rot.

The first road out of serfdom is to begin to see that the so-called two-party system is a one-party system, a government-party system. It is perfectly amazing how we hold to the two-party illusion.

Most people just can’t shake the deception. It borders on dementia. The politicians love it!

I realized many years ago that no matter who got elected, things always kept going in the same direction. There were obvious political and economic solutions, but the one party with two names made certain that the established order did not change. The people love deception, and they cling to it.

The unofficial U.S. monetary policy is currency devaluation. This has been true since the changing of the monetary system into the private Federal Reserve System in 1913. It was all in the plan to slowly take trillions of dollars away from the American people without general public awareness.

The act of currency devaluation can be understood simply as printing new currency. This is not an innocent game, but is theft from every person in the world who holds or uses dollars.

Each time new money is added, either as paper money or computer entries, all money already in the system — whether in circulation or under the mattress — is worth less. It is an unannounced and insidious process that covers theft on a grand scale.

This is, in fact, a scheme of the ongoing theft and transfer of the savings and assets of Americans to the banker elite. No Representative or Senator ever warned of this massive silent transfer of wealth.

As currency is diluted and gets weaker, it buys less and prices go up at the grocery store. The result is that people confuse cause and effect. They naively think that rising prices is simple price inflation, but it is actually the result of currency devaluation, meaning the banking system stole your purchasing power by and through new money printing.

What do the banking elite call money printing? They use words and terms that disguise their money printing so the general public doesn’t understand. Their buzzword is “quantitative easing.” This stealth money printing has a very serious effect, namely the ultimate and total debasement of the currency and the general destruction of savings and impoverishment of the people.

There are numerous instances in history where the population was made poor and hungry because greedy monetary authorities printed paper money into worthlessness. It is now happening in America.
American dollars have been loosed on the world as pure fiat currency since President Richard Nixon closed all gold transfers to foreign countries in 1971. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

We are at the end of our system of debt. And of course the crowd is oblivious to their slow impoverishment.

An impoverished people is easy to control. Especially one that has no guns — hence the ongoing effort to disarm us.

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