Monday, September 15, 2014

When Barack Obama starts acting like a real American president and promises to destroy our country’s enemies instead of apologizing to them, you know he's worried about the upcoming midterms. He should be. Conservatives are going to win them going away, and it's going to be gloriously devastating to the progressive cause.

Get ready to savor the delicious taste of victory. All the signs are there except for one – so far Dick Morris hasn’t predicted a Democrat triumph. That would seal it.

It's not so much the polling, which remains tight as long as the people measured are those with a pulse as opposed to those committed to going out and voting. The numbers look slightly GOP-favorable now but the final vote tallies will be much higher for Republicans. Don’t buy into the spin that some Obama-hugging incumbent polling at 43% is going to draw 51 percent on election day.

The zeitgeist favors the GOP. As predicted in my book Conservative Insurgency, huge numbers of Americans are sick of defeat, decline and deception. The rest just don’t care. Even in the best of times, Democrat-voting losers dedicated to a vision of government as a feeding trough for those embroiled in social pathologies need plenty of incentive to get their ample behinds off the couch and into a voting booth.

Plus, right now Barack Obama is about as popular as Bob Crane at a Southern Baptist convention.

If you want to know how your battle plan is doing, watch the other side. After fessing up to having no strategy for dealing with the junior varsity team that’s serially humiliated him, Barack Obama hung up his golf clubs for a moment and started talking like John Wayne . . . or at least like what liberals think of as John Wayne. The Duke never had to beg people to let him be clear.

Regardless, when you get some academic lounge lefty like Barack Obama taking America’s side in a fight, you know he's worried about the next election.

Barack Obama also delayed his fascisty plans to unilaterally impose amnesty upon a disgusted America, something you know he’s aching to do. By going back on his promise to the left – hey guys, welcome to our world! – Obama betrayed his rabid pro-illegal supporters. But doing so won him nothing. He looks like what he is – a political hack thinking he’s clever for deciding to wait until he can’t be held politically accountable. But he isn’t fooling anyone – the GOP candidates running against the flailing liberals in the battleground states are going to beat their opponents around the head and shoulders with amnesty for the next two months.

Oh, and you never hear Obama or any of the other Democrats forthrightly talking about Obamacare. Ever. And just wait until the next round of premium increases kicks in.

Part of the GOP's current success has been its candidate selection. It has enlisted true warriors like Joni Ernst and Tom Cotton. It found up-and-comers like Corey Gardner. And, best of all, it managed not to nominate any lunatics. No one is running under the banner of fighting the Trilateral Commission, banning fluoride or investigating anyone’s birth certificate.

The GOP candidates are winning largely by not being aggressively stupid. This cycle, Republicans have somehow managed not to share any bizarre theories about female biology nor provide any idiosyncratic insights into the subject of rape. That’s a refreshing change.

This is really bad for the Democrats because this means that the bar for Republicans is so low all one has to do is not be a complete idiot. Most of them are, in fact, pretty bright, but the mainstream media is never going to let that cat out of the bag. You won’t hear how Tom Cotton went to Harvard in the New York Times. The best a Republican candidate can hope for is not to be painted as the kind of guy who stands on a street corner shouting that Obama was born in Mombasa.

As a Democrat, it must be a drag to realize that you're going to lose to anybody who manages to walk upright.

So, what can the Democrats do? The first thing they’ll do is run away from President Feckless. This guy is political poison. The only thing less appealing than getting a campaign visit from the President is going to the mailbox and finding a thick manila envelope from the local STD clinic.

“President Who? Obama? Never heard of him.”

Then they’ll pretend to be conservatives. Illegal aliens? “Against ‘em!” War in Iraq? “I’m for it again!” Common core? “Uh, look over there! Behind the squirrel!”

Oh, and we’ll also see the pinko kabuki theater in full effect. It started last week with the Senate’s consideration of a constitutional amendment to rein in that wacky First Amendment. Yeah, too much free speech is a huge problem. Next there will be a minimum wage increase debate designed to mobilize those achievers who think they have some sort of cosmic moral entitlement to $15 an hour for assembling Big Macs.

But these schemes aren’t going to work. We conservatives are going to romp to victory in November.

And once we win, we need to make sure that our victory means something. What it must mean, to the extent Obama hasn't destroyed it himself, is the utter neutralization of the Obama administration. And who needs more incentive than that to get out and work for conservative victory?

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  1. The only reason Obama is president is because he was born a half negroid goon! I doubt he could run a lemonaide stand and make a profit.

    Let's hope the republicans gain the Senate! We will have two more years of pain dealing with the democrats and HOPEFULLY the nation comes to its senses and dumps this liberal bullshit in the trash bin.