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From Our Cold Dead Hands
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

His props were in place on the stage with members of those lost to gun Barack HUSSEIN Obama laid out his new gun-control measures NOT because he gives a damn about those lost in said violence but because he wants this for his legacy. Remember, ObamaCare is NO longer a legacy plus nor is his Foreign Policy actions so what's left...gun control.

And what really is gun-control in 'Obamaspeak' but his trying to take away our Second Amendment rights...rights that help protect all our other rights from a government running amok...for no amount of gun-control nor any law passed will keep guns out of the hands of those who wish to do us harm...meaning Obama is simply pandering to those who still do not get that guns do not kill people...people kill people...period.

And Obama's saying that each year over 30,000 people lose their lives to gun violence is quite the misnomer for the great majority of those 30,000 are criminals killed while doing their dastardly deeds...criminals who don't care and will never care about any laws Obama puts in place, and whose deaths actually save we taxpayers from having to have our hard earned taxpayer dollars spent on keeping them alive in cushy jail cells as they await a trial that might take years to come. And if truth be told, in the majority of cases that trial will result in an outcome quite unsettling to the victim's families for our current liberal judicial system favors the perpetrator over the victim.

“We are here to prevent the next mass shooting,” said the man whose own administration sold guns to terrorists and foreign drug dealers, and he said so while like in other recent speeches his eyes darted back-and-forth not ever truly focusing on the camera or those he was addressing. Delivering a rambling often repetitive teleprompted speech albeit with a few personal side-takes thrown in for good measure...Obama tried to get us to believe that his proposals have nothing to do with his wanting to take our guns away, but like always, he lied. He lied...for there are already provisions in place...provisions just like with our immigration laws which too are not enforced...that do exactly what he is now proposing to do and doing so without jeopardizing our Second Amendment right “to keep and bear arms.”

“This is not a slippery slope to try and confiscate guns,” he said, but this is exactly what it is for if it was not why is Obama doing what he is doing through Executive Order instead of proposing laws for Congress to act or not act upon.

And what are Obama's so-called “series of common-sense executive actions”? As to his main touch point of background checks especially concerning gun show sales (Gun Show Loop Hole), currently background checks are done, as per federal law, on all who wish to purchase a firearm from a licensed gun shop, but only five states (Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina) require said checks on handguns purchased at gun shows from private sellers...with private sellers being defined as per the '1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act' as people who do not rely on gun sales as their prime way of obtaining their livelihood. And eight other states (California, Colorado, Oregon, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts) mandate universal background checks on all firearm purchases, including those bought at gun shows and over the Internet.

So exactly what four steps has Obama taken with his newest Executive Order? First, by his signing on the dotted line Obama is rewriting the law...a law Congress has rejected numerous times...with his dictatorial demand that anybody, including private citizens, must themselves be licensed before they sell a firearm at a gun show or online, and would require said gun sellers to order background checks on any and all prospective buyers before said firearm changes hands or they, the seller, will be subject to federal prosecution.

But get this...with most gun shows lasting maybe two days at most and with most background checks taking three to four business days to run...longer for some needing closer scrutiny...Obama is actually denying or at least making it more difficult for the gun seller to conduct their business. Nice huh...

Second, Obama spoke that he is adding "200 new ATF agents" to help thwart gun violence and to make our communities safer. Totally ignoring the fact that an armed citizenry is what would keep our communities safer, Obama never said where these agents will be sent or exactly what they will be doing to help in that endeavor, but he did, however, make a point of saying that the FBI will be overhauling the existing background check system even though we all know the 'bad guys' will always find a way to get guns with or without their ever having gone through a background check.

Third, Obama spoke that to a tune of $500 million he is increasing access to mental health care especially for those deemed a danger to themselves or to others, and that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is finalizing steps to remove, according to them, “unnecessary legal barriers” that prevents states from reporting and sharing any information about people barred from possessing a firearm for “specific” (but not named) mental health reasons. But again Obama omits from his discourse that we already have legal procedures in place to deem, if need be, someone mentally unfit to possess a firearm, but that just like with the above said immigration law we do not under this administration follow or enforce that either.

And here's a little something Obama dared not mention in yesterday's speech but I will...the Social Security Administration has stated that it will begin the process to include information in the background check system about its beneficiaries...and that includes our veterans...who are prohibited from possessing a firearm for what they deem 'mental health reasons'...completely denying said beneficiaries their Constitutional right to 'due process.' But with Obama as the steward of America's ship what's another one or two of our rights thrown to the wind.

And lastly step four, as in Obama's outlined push for the technology industry to get involved in the gun-control issue. Wanting to move forward research into the area of gun in what he called "smart guns" that can only be fired by authorized users...excuse me Mr. Robber or Mr. Rapist or Mr. Murderer but let me check to see if I'm authorized to use this gun to stop you....Obama wants this technology to happen through the Departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security alone. Translation: the federal government departments under his control will have even more control over our firearms than they already do.

And some still claim Barack HUSSEIN Obama is not after our guns.

So in the end what can we make from Obama's gun-control speech followed by his signing yet another in a long line of Executive Orders...EO's that once again overstep his job description. First, Obama thinks what he proposed will stop gun violence but to that I say he is a fool for he completely refuses to understand that guns need a human operative to inflict said violence, and that no one intent on doing harm will be stopped from doing so by anything as simple as a background check or by his ridiculous Executive Order.

Second, after the fiasco known as 'Fast and Furious' where the Obama administration allowed the ATF to give permission to licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to illegal 'straw buyers' with the hopes of tracking said guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders and then to arrest them...and with them loosing track of over 2,000 of the guns sold...many of which were found to have been used in the committing of crimes including murder...what makes anyone think that the government under Obama can prevent gun violence by something as simple as running a background check of those who for the most part will be law-abiding buyers. Remember, criminals do not need legitimate sellers to get their guns...they never have and they never will.

So if Obama, who in his speech tried to wipe away phony non-existent crocodile tears when speaking of the victims of gun violence...a political stunt if there ever was one...if that man was really serious about wanting to stop gun violence...actually violence by persons using a gun...all he would have to do is make sure that the laws currently on the books are enforced in total. And he could do that instead of wasting his and our time on declaring what amounts to a war on we law-abiding gun owners, but he won't.

And here's a thought...if Obama would do that he would then have free time to focus on the major threat that faces our country in islamic terrorism and islam's so-wanted invasion of America. But then again these are 'the brethren' so I guess gun violence it is and will remain...and so will the old adage, 'from our cold dead hands'...just saying.


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