Monday, April 8, 2013

As Korea simmers, Syria boils over with Obama stirring the pot
By: Diane Sori

As all eyes are focused on North Korea, especially with the newest rhetoric by master bloviator Kim Jong-un claiming that 'something will happen within the next three days,' let's NOT forget the world's real ongoing hot spot...the Middle East.

With the Syrian civil war raging on now for over two years, and with it killing upwards of 70 thousand people and forcing a million plus refugees to leave Syria for neighboring countries...countries that are having trouble absorbing all the refugees, countries faced with periodic border clashes of their own, countries fearing they will be dragged into a regional war...things are going from bad to worse.

Saying on Turkish television that if his government falls,”...there would be a domino effect on countries perhaps far from the Middle East, to the west, east, north and south. This would mean instability for many years, even decades,” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as bad as he is, just might have a point there.

Two years ago Assad solely blamed foreign terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, for wanting to overthrow his government, but now as the bloody civil war continues on he says the number of actual foreign terrorists is small but well armed and well financed in their fight against him. Coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen, and including Jabhat al-Nusra, which we have designated as a terrorist group affiliated with al-Qaeda, these islamic terrorists are arming the rebels in hopes of turning Syria into yet another islamic state.
That's why Russia, Assad's main ally, has increased military and financial support to aid government forces, because even they know the dangers yet another islamic regime poses NOT just to the Middle East but to the world as well.

Make NO mistake, Assad is one of the bad guys but he is NOT an islamic extremist as he is more westernized and secular in his thinking. And with both sides having supporters, it's the middle of the road Syrians who, while they don't like the Assad regime, worry what the rebels, especially the jihadists, have in store for them as they see what's happened to Egypt and Libya after their Arab Spring uprisings were taken over by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood. Case in point are the vocal islamic groups within the rebel opposition, groups such as Ahrar al-Sham, a loose collection of various islamist and salafist groups whose members have called for a countrywide implementation of shariah law if Assad is overthrown, something the vast majority of Syrians do NOT want.

And while Assad refers to the opposition as 'terrorists' he claims he's still open to discussion but discussion without foreign in NO Obama sticking his two cents in.

But that's just the very thing Obama plans to do (remember, everything Obama had a hand in the Middle East has turned into a disaster) as the White House announced just this past Friday that Obama will meet with leaders from Jordan, Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the next few weeks to discuss the 'Syrian situation,' as well as Syria being at the top of the agenda when he meets with U(seless) N(ations) Secretary Ban Ki-moon on April 11th.

Notice though that Obama leaves out inviting Israel to anything...Israel, the very country at the center of this entire Middle East power play for every country taken over by islamic extremists wants to wipe them off the map. And while Assad is NO friend to Israel, wiping Israel off the map is NOT his driving force as it is with the islamic regimes in Egypt, Libya, and Iran.

So just what does Obama hope to prove in what seems to be a switching of sides as it now looks like he's aligned himself with Assad's opposition...we know it's NOT for humanitarian reasons as Barack HUSSEIN Obama doesn't do anything for the good of others unless there's something in it for him. NO, instead he will try to play the ultimate diplomat by meeting with Arab leaders, but his past tries at Middle East diplomacy have miserably failed, as the Arab Spring turned cold hard Arab Winter is testament to that.

And while many administration officials claim that helping the rebels defeat the Assad regime is indeed a worthwhile cause, some of Obama's covert monetary and military-style weapons assistance (can you say Benghazi) has instead fallen into the hands of jihadist groups, including into the hands of Jabhat al-Nusra, the most aggressive and successful arm of the rebel force. But could that have been his plan all along as Barack HUSSEIN Obama will always play both sides against the middle while ultimately siding with those who side against us. in the United States of America.

And if we ignore the lessons of the past and allow history to repeat itself as Obama meddles into Syrian affairs, things could ultimately fall totally apart, leading the entire Middle East into a full-fledged regional war that Israel will become the caretaker of with NO guarantee that we will help them.

Sad isn't it.

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