Sunday, May 11, 2014


As you know, Craig Andresen from and I, Diane Sori, from have a radio show, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, on the CPR Worldwide Media Network airing every Wednesday from 2-4pm EST and Saturday’s from 11-1 EST and we do NOT hold back. We tell the truth and we do so openly and without reservation.

Our first show, on February 26th, 2014 was hacked and knocked off the air.

We did NOT back down and returned the very next week, and have been broadcasting ever since through multiple attempts to hack and attack our show and the station as well.

Late last night, Saturday May 10th, CPR was taken OFF THE AIR by the licensing company and, this morning, the CEO of CPR Worldwide Media Network found the following email in his inbox:


“With regret, we are closing your coverage effective today due to a complaint of a possible violation of United States National Security. Contact me asap Monday morning and we can discuss this further. You will not be able to access your account here, but you can reach me by emailing me at this address and or calling my office.”

“Please remove all banners/logos and/or text indentifying you as a StreamLicensing affiliate. StreamLicensing is a registered United States Federal Trademark of StreamLicensing LLC and may only be displayed by our active affiliates.”

“Once and if this matter is resolved, I will gladly reactivate your account.”

“Sincerely,” and was then signed by the licensing agent.

It seems we have struck a nerve within the federal government…

Was it the 'Benghazi' expose Craig and I wrote and broadcast on it’s own that brought this about? Was it the 'Land Grab' series of articles and broadcast we did or the combination of the two that caused the federal government under the Obama regime to suspend the streaming license for CPR?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that CPR was able to trace and track the IP addresses and coordinates of the hits RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS and CPR were taking for the past several weeks coupled with the ability to clearly recognize those IP addresses as belonging to the federal government?

At any rate, CPR and RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS have now been labeled as a ‘being possible violation of national security.’

However, that’s not the half of it.

Last Thursday, The CEO of CPR Radio, Michael Collins-Windsor parked his vehicle in a parking garage as he ran some errands. Upon returning to his vehicle a short time later, he found all four tires slashed…obscenities scratched into the paint job and a note on his windshield warning him that should he and his “radio cronies” continue their little investigations, his tires wouldn’t be the only things slashed.

amendAt this time, CPR is continuing to broadcast in a limited fashion, NO music or podcasts that contain music as that would be a violation of licensing and session fees which CPR pays for however, Craig and my show, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Benghazi special and the Government Land Grab special along with other programing that does NOT violate terms are being aired.

Tomorrow, Michael Collins-Windsor and the CPR attorney team will be in conference with the streaming company to find out which government agency did this, who approached the licensing company executive and exactly what threat speaking our mind, delivering the facts and doing so with complete honesty by Craig and I, our show…RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS…and CPR Radio poses to our national security.

CPR will continue to work toward a resolution to what can ONLY be described as a violation of the 1st Amendment by the federal government.

Neither Craig nor I will  back down and we will continue to speak out!

Please assist us in this situation by passing along this link: you can click listen to hear CPR in its current limited capacity and by spreading the link to this article everywhere you can.


  1. I can say that I am proud of Diane and Craig for standing up and telling the truth. I listened to their program several times on CPR and have never noted anything amiss (frankly I am stunned by this event). The entire discussion is based on the truth and clearly shows the misdeeds of the Obama administration. Isn’t Obama supposed to have the most open administration ever? Then why obfuscate the truth on Benghazi, and the IRS scandal, and a myriad of other lies this administration tells. I know this is a moot point by this time, but I enjoying asking the question to the left: if Obama is such an open book, why doesn’t he open his school records, or why does he have a social security number from Connecticut? They will call the person asking the question all kinds of names, but in the end, they don’t know answer and look like fools protecting whatever the BIG secret Obama has!

    In my opinion this is a general tactic used by the left to try and silence the Tea Party and conservative people who stand up for right. They also use the government which makes me wonder whose side the government is on anyway! It would seem the left occupies high places and does not mind going contrary to the law to achieve their aims.

    I would demand to know why I was shut down, and by whom!

    You do have freedom of speech, and you are owed an explanation.

    Nevertheless, you still have your blog and can get the message out to Americans who still have a modicum of hope left. This is no different than the attempt to silence Reverend Manning and other Tea Party people. Good Americans who what to save our country.

    Although this is bad, it just shows how desperate the left is at this time. They must consider you a threat by informing people of facts instead of fiction. They slashed a man’s tires and vandalized his vehicle by writing on it. You know…those people may think this is funny, but it is THEY who are playing a dangerous game. I would report it to the police and continue as before. Whoever the man is, he has the right to defend himself. I would take the threat seriously, but I would never stop spreading the truth! TO hell with them!

    Diane, I DO believe someone tried to phish information from you concerning your location several weeks ago. You wisely answered: I don’t know what you mean or something to that effect. They must be pretty damned stupid and have the IQ of an amoeba to think you would fall for that bullshit. What these assholes don’t understand is you have friends as well.

    There is a concerted effort by the left to squelch truth; they can see their beloved leader is naked and all his misdeeds are coming to light; and Americans DESERVE the truth.

    I hope you get back full rights to your radio program, but if not, realize that you have friends and we do read the internet.

    God Speed and God bless you and Craig. They will never stop the truth! You have more friends than you might know. Many people believe just as you do! I am your friend.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and YES everything has been documented and such...have NO fears about that. We will remain on the air NO matter the treats against us as fighting for God and Country trumps any concerns we have. Craig and I are in this to the assured of that. As to the phishers I know their tricks and I have taken precautions as needed. Again thanks.

  2. I would document the threats/damage as evidence. Our prayers go with you.

  3. sharron@atcnet.netMay 12, 2014 at 11:21 AM

    Time we all stood up and fought back, it is still a free country and let us keep it that way, you go Diane and Craig, you still have thousands of us supporters...Liberty will never be silenced!

  4. Obama and his minions must really be scared. Thank you for sharing the truth about him, Hillary, Eric, Benghazi, the FBI abuses, the NSA, etc, etc. They are simply adding to their prison time with these tactics. God be with you both in your battle with these evil people!

  5. Sounds made up to me... like all the rest of the made up crap you post on here. What's the difference?

  6. The federal government doesn't even know Diane exists. She has about 3 follows and 3 trolls. That's it.

    Craig has less than that.

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  8. would love to have you.