Thursday, March 29, 2012

The End Of America As We Know It?

I have often been on the record as saying this is not the most important election of our lifetime, but in our entire nation’s history.  Come this November we will choose our identity as a nation.  Will we start to regain our standing in the free world or will we finish the transition to a nation that more closely resembles Western Europe?  The choice is ours.


Over the past couple of days the focus of the media, and rightly so, has been on the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of  'ObamaCare.'  All signs are indicating that there is an anti-individual mandate majority among the justices.  This is a good development for the cheerleaders of freedom. Unfortunately the cheers may transform to tears come November.  Right now, our Supreme Court is comprised of four conservative justices, four liberal justices and one all important swing vote in Justice Kennedy. At 75 years young, you may be able to call him the most powerful man in the country.

Even if the Affordable Health Care Act is struck down by the court, there will be much more to worry about. Our President is up for re-election and elections have consequences.  If Obama gets re-elected we just may be handing him the hammer to put the final big government nail in the coffin of our children’s future prosperity.  President Obama has already put not one, but two liberal activist judges on the highest court in the land.  If Justice Ginsburg, who has had numerous health issues of late, decides to retire this year Obama will surely nominate another liberal to the court.  Should he prevail in November and Justice Kennedy decides to call it quits in our Commander in Chiefs second term he will be able to place a fourth liberal judge to the court tipping the balance of power to a 5-4 liberal majority.  It will no longer be the Supreme Court.  It will be “Barack’s Bench” and all laws passed by Congress will be found constitutional.  There will no longer be any restraint on government.

Think about that for a moment and let it sink in…four out of the nine Supreme Court Justices of the United States of America could be chosen by a person who wanted to “fundamentally transform America."  If he gets re-elected in November, and with a little bad luck with the health and aging of SCOTUS, he may just get his wish.  Big government will reign for decades to come and it will be the end of America as we know it.

Blaise Ingoglia, Founder
Government Gone Wild!

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  1. Patriots, this IS a very important matter that must NOT be swept under the rug if indeed we are victorious in striking down NO-bamaCare. Just imagine if the balance of power shifts away from the Republic side on the bemch into the hands of a majority of liberal Democratic justices. This will transform America into a totally socialist nation of free-spending, BIG government intrusion into EVERY aspect of our lives. You think it's bad now, well guess 'aint seen nothing yet!

    This is why it is so crucial that we not only retain the House but that we also retake the Senate. If both are in OUR control, and heaven forbid the traitor-in-chief is re-elected (which he won't be...I just know it), at least then we can be assured that he will NOT get to appoint his ultra-liberal cronies to the bench, for they will NOT get approved.