Thursday, March 29, 2012

West introduces Limited End Strength Reduction Act

Legislation assures military drawdown is safe and responsible  

(WASHINGTON)--- Congressman Allen West (R-FL) today introduced the Limited End Strength Reduction Act of 2012, ensuring our Army and Marine Corps have the financial resources they need for a responsible drawdown in Afghanistan, while continuing to meet our National Security objectives. The bill slows the pace of the President’s end strength reductions by placing limits on the number of troops than can be eliminated annually.

"Our men and women in the Armed Forces do not need to continue to be the bill payer for fiscal irresponsibility," West said. "We cannot ask our Army and Marines to fight these wars and not supply them with the resources they need to end these combat operations without undue risk."

The bill requires the Army not be reduced by more than 15,000 members per year during fiscal years 2014 through 2017. The bill requires the Marine Corps not be reduced by more than 5,000 members per year during fiscal years 2014 through 2017.

"No one knows the perils of an insufficiently manned Army better than Allen West," said United States House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (R-CA). "His combat experience and service to this nation, both in Congress and in the Army, give him unique expertise. This legislation helps us not only pave a path to security, it eases the strain on our heavily-stressed military. Mr. West's bill has my full support."

In addition, the Limited End Strength Reduction Act assures our military has the resources it needs to prevent overly burdensome or repeated deployments among our men and women serving, who have been at war now for more than ten years.

"Our men and women in uniform have paid a great price already, with years away from their families, serious injuries, both physical and emotional, and all too often, with their own lives," West said. "We owe it to our military to continue to provide them the resources and support needed, and the Limited End Strength Reduction Act does just that."

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  1. LTC West knows from which he speaks.

    Right now we have a POTUS who does everything possible to defame, demoralize, and hurt our brave men and women in uniform. Not only does he do this while they are actually overseas fighting but also when they return home by cutting their benefits and medical coverage. This man has the audacity to apologize for our military's actions against an enemy whose sole goal is to kill us, all the while tying our military's hands so that they are now fighting a war according to political correctness instead of being able to fight to win.

    We now have a POTUS who sides with our enemy instead of with America, the country he took an oath to defend and protect. We now have a POTUS who is a traitor, an enemy combatant, a man guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy, for no other President ever has given a timetable for withdrawal to the enemy. Thankfully, we have brave men like LTC Allen West who will try their best to not only protect our fighting forces but who will also try their best to keep this traitor in line until we can either remove him in November with the ballot box or have him arrested before then for crimes against America.