Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why I am now a Blogger
By: Diane Sori

Hi guys, it's me Diane Sori, the girlie-patriot.  As you all know by now I have been in a battle with Facebook for a few months now and I have really reached a breaking point.  I have much information to get out to everyone and once again I'm being banned, this time for 60 days...and why, because I TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CORRUPT AND TRAITOROUS NO-BAMA REGIME AND HIS SANCTIONED ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICA!

I cannot sit idly by for 60 days and watch the lame stream media (who has been hijacked by this regime) feed everyone a bunch of lies and half truths as Facebook removes, blocks, bans, and banishes those of us trying to get the truth out.  I never wanted to be a blogger per se but I have been forced to go this route by Facebook, and its stacked against us policies and conditions, plus the simple fact that there is NO human contact allowed between them and us.

So many lies have been spread about me personally over Facebook, like I am NOT who I say I am, I am a troll or a hacker, I am  a spreader of lies, and NONE of it is true!  I am simply me, Diane Sori, an American Patriot, in fact one of millions just like you, who refuses to let our beloved America be changed into something unrecognizable to us by a man and his cohorts who not only want to radically alter and destroy our great nation but who also want to take away our children's future.  And this I cannot idly sit by and watch and do nothing like so many of the apathetic know who you're the ones who whine and complain but who refuse to get out there in the trenches and become part of the solution instead of feeding into the problem.  We patriots ARE the grassroots movement and each of us has something unique to offer to this movement, and offer it we must.

So I write, I post, I comment, I speak at meetings and sometimes on the radio, I go campaigning, I attend rallies, I spread the word any and every where I can.  While I remain in Facebook jail, and even after I am let out, I will blog as I will NOT allow them to silence me ever again.  I hope all my true Facebook friends, subscribers, and members of our Patriots United Against Obama Propaganda group (and our Patriots Against the Islamization of America page, our Stand United with Our Marine Heroes Against 'Urinegate' page, and our Stop the Koran Burning Trials page), as well as my personal page, will check in from time to time to see what I have to say.  While my postings might be somewhat controversial to some or my opinions might NOT always agree with yours, rest assured that what I say will always come from my heart, and will always put America and 'We the People' first and foremost.

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