Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Investigative Report: Part 1 of 3
Obama's Iran 'Deal' Nothing But Caliphate Cover...Part 1 of    3                                                  
By: Craig Andresen / The National Patriot / Right Side Patriots on http://cprworldwidemedia.net/

This bit of information was barely a blip on the 24 hour news cycle last week and the mainstream media dropped it like it was radioactive.

Iran, after acquiring the full capitulation of the Obama regime and only after the Obama regime had acquired enough votes to uphold Obama’s planned veto of a vote to deep-six the “deal” with Iran has Iran announced that, lo and behold, they have discovered new, substantial deposits of uranium ore.

During the “deal” making…it was widely distributed than Iran LACKED sufficient uranium deposits from which to mine enough of the stuff to supply their “peaceful” application of nuclear energy much less, supply the building of nuclear weapons and that they would likely have to IMPORT uranium just to keep their program up and running.

Then…with the “deal” done and the votes in hand…SURPRISE…Iran has JUST DISCOVERED more uranium than they apparently know with what to do.

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