Tuesday, January 12, 2016

EMPs, Cyber Attacks, and ISIS
By: Diane Sori / The Patriots Factor/ Right Side Patriots on http://www.americanpbn.com/

“It's not a question of if, it's a question of when."
- CENTCOM General Lloyd Austin speaking of an EMP attack on America's electrical grid

A question of when for ISIS knows that if we truly could organize our allies and implement a united military 'no-hands-tied-behind-our-back' conventional ground attack against them that they not only could not beat us but would most likely be destroyed. So where does that leave ISIS...using their brains and not just their brawn. And brains means attacking America from within as they already have operatives in our country and doing said attack by getting their hands on non-conventionally thought of weapons for ISIS knows that their ongoing blood and guts rampage throughout the Middle East and now Europe has not mobilized an effective nor a wholehearted response from either we here in the U.S. or from our allies.

And they smile...the smile of 7th century barbarians wracking havoc on a 21st century world.

So now let's speak of some truths that some say are anything but truths, and that truth is in regards to what most consider unconventional weapons, in this case the long feared EMP (electromagnetic pulse) device. Right now five countries are believed to have EMP devices in different stages of readiness, but only one country is believed to currently have a ready-to-be-launched truly workable, large scale EMP device and that country is Israel. And it's believed that they have both Jericho III missiles capable of detonating a single EMP as well as their version of our Boeing CHAMP (Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile)...a non-nuclear EMP missile...ready to go. But thankfully, Israel understands the severity of what they possess, and I believe Israel would only use an EMP device as a weapon of next to last resort, and only before having no choice but to launch either a full-scale nuclear attack or a massive conventional attack against those whose wishes have become tangible actions to wipe them off the face of the map

And while a number of Air Force officials have confirmed that we have successfully tested our version of an EMP device courtesy of our CHAMP system, the fact is that we lag behind Israel in its readiness for war. And as for Russia, they too have tested their version of EMP devices, but they are not 'large area' in scope according to reports that have surfaced. And according to a declassified government report, China also appears to have tested a successful prototype of an EMP device in their effort to offset their still inferior technological war-making capabilities.

Now for a few facts about what an EMP device can do. First, an electromagnetic pulse is generated by the interaction of non-lethal gamma rays with the magnetic field in the atmosphere and the Earth, thus producing a powerful electromagnetic shock wave that can destroy electronic devices within seconds.

Second, a weaponized though physically non-lethal pulse detonated high up in the atmosphere would allow said 'pulse' to radiate to a much larger area than would the fallout from a tradition nuclear weapon...in fact it could spread so far that it can extend beyond what's called the 'curve of the horizon', thereby allowing for more power grids to be taken down. Third, with the 'pulse' acting like a radio signal...a signal carrying thousands of volts of power...the all important water pumping and sanitation stations; television and radio stations; computers along with all internet communications; manufacturing plants; cars, rail and aircraft; cable, power and telephone wires; etc...in the country or area affected act like 'receiving' antennas and simply go down almost immediately.

Welcome to the Dark Ages in the blink of an eye and it's courtesy of the afore mentioned 7th century barbarians now equipped with 21st century weapons.

But now let's focus specifically on the United States and how an EMP device...and to a lesser extent a major cyber-attack...relates to the biggest threat we face today...radical islamic terrorism via ISIS.

Fact: we all know ISIS is already here thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama's not doing a thing of substance to stop them...in fact he lays out the welcome mat for his favorite 'JV team'...and we all know that ISIS has already threatened some of our infrastructures to one degree or another. Now couple that with our known to be under par grid security system and our for all intents and purposes open southern border, and this translates into our electric grid being fairly easy for ISIS to target.

And that leads us directly to the fifth country believed to either have or are near having a workable EMP device and that is North Korea...the rogue nation ruled by the mad, highly unstable, man-child Kim Jung-un. And with North Korea now believed to be capable of producing a nuclear warhead small enough to be launched atop a KN-08 intercontinental ballistic missile...courtesy of their working relationship with Iran and Pakistan...if they do have even a small workable EMP device there is no reason to believe that they would not sell either the technology or an actual device itself to ISIS for the right price, after all we know they are helping Iran get nukes even as I write this.

And know that with a rouge nation like North Korea willing to sell their wares and weapons to any country or persons willing to pay the price asked, ISIS truly becomes an enemy to be feared for their war chest is in the billions and they can easily pay to have America, with its already giant Obama-allowed bulls-eye painted upon us, to be a target ripe for easy picking. And all it takes for them to do so is to connect with the very rouge nation that hates America enough to be willing to sell them both the device and the delivery system itself.

And it's not just an EMP attack that we have to fear from ISIS for we know that ISIS is getting more and more computer literate what with many highly educated Westerners now joining their ranks. But what most don't know is that an EMP attack or even a well-calibrated and coordinated cyber attack on just nine of our 55,000 electrical substations could cause electrical blackouts for up to 18 months across the entirety of our country. And how so...because our entire electric grid system is linked together and that 'open-source' computer models do exist online for any and all to access that show said grid system, making it easy for a computer savvy person to figure out from those models which nine sub-stations are central into taking down the entire system.

And here's a truly scary thought...in an EMP attack the 'entire system' would include the electronics that control our nuclear power plants, meaning we would have no way to shut them down or regulate and adjust their cooling systems causing these plants to eventually reach critical state...critical mass...and 'melt down'...releasing nuclear material in explosions similar to what not long ago happened in Fukushima, Japan.

Nice huh...

And returning to the reality of a large-scale ISIS cyber attack, how-to 'hack' software can easily be bought on the black market...software that could be used to 'hack' some of the estimated 500,000+ potential U.S. targets associated with power plants, water treatment plants, traffic control towers, and other key areas of our electrical grid. And while ISIS would probably never acquire the 'hacking' capability of being able to cause our entire grid to fall, they could acquire the capability to take out individual targets, causing a blackout or disruption of service at the local level.

But even a local level cyber attack would cause panic and damage that would take a great amount of time to fix...and as one fix is completed another attack could be done against another locality leading to a domino affect straight down the line.

So while you now are aware of the dangers we face from ISIS either getting the capabilities to attack our country via an EMP device or through a cyber attack here's something even more grievous...as for a cyber attack a couple of years ago Obama signed one of his 'pen and phone' executive orders supposedly to guard our critical infrastructure against cyber attacks but no monies have been allocated or legislation has moved forward to do so. And get this...experts say that it would only cost around $2 billion dollars to insulate our entire electrical power grid from an EMP attack, and again Obama has done not a thing nor has he allocated any monies to do so as he's too busy trying to take our guns away and he's too busy allocated monies to bring even more of his brethren into our country to deal with the here and now tangible threat ISIS poses to our country.

And some still wonder whose side this man is on...sigh.


  1. If mankind can only rely on technology, we are doomed. Technology has become a god.

    1. I'm NOT religious per se...so YES it is us, our technology, and our courage that we have to rely on.

    2. I was wondering where you stood on religion. I don't believe in religion myself, but I also don't believe in evolution. I believe in a father/creator of truth and righteousness, since there is nothing wrong with either of those.

    3. I am scientific based and while I believe in God NOT in the man-made concept of religion per se, I am a strong believer in evolution.

  2. The day will come. Hopes are that many will be somewhat prepared to continue life and to be calm. There will be many enabled that will not know where to turn.
    Beware of those who walk up to you that want you to share your supplies because they are starving. They did not take heed of this day, they are not your friends, they will kill you for your food rations. Be prepared to have tough love or perish with the weak.
    This is survival at the highest level.

    1. I might do an article on how to survive an EMP attack as some of the solutions are quite simple.