Saturday, October 4, 2014


Today, October 4th from 11am to 1pm EST on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media…Craig and Diane will EXPOSE an extremely dangerous new tactic being proposed by some 'supposedly' on OUR side concerning next month’s midterm elections. Also being discussed will be the effects of unemployment and ObamaCare on those elections...and of course Ebola...Obama's newest 'gift' to America.

As always, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig and Diane will also cover the latest breaking news, and their articles in The National Patriot and The Patriot Factor!

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  1. I can hardly wait!!! I will pop open a Dr. Pepper, get a bag of chips (sorry, I don't have any bugels but they are tasty), and hear what you two have to say.

    Is Ebola covered under Obamacare? If people start puking up blood at the airport, do you think Obama would restrict those people from entering our country? I mean...come on...they are just coming here to live the dream (not reality, but just a dream.) Has our nation become a nation of DREAMERS?

    What does Mohammad think....maybe Craig should ask Mohammed about all of that! TURN THE VOLUME WAY UP! Warning to the public, I found this out the hard way: Mohammad speaks very loudly. If you are not deaf...then I suggest you have your fingers on the volume knob when Mohammad speaks out (or move back from the speaker about 200 feet). I had the volume turned way up one day so that I could hear what was being said...and then Mohammad spoke. I think I had my ears close to the speaker and Mohammad proceeded to SPLIT my fucking eardrums! I also fell backwards, spilt my Dr. Pepper and dropped my chips (not Bugels). Just a word to the wise! I heard Mohammad in my eardrum ringing for about a week. HA HA.

  2. Mohammed is indeed one obnoxious fellow...LOL

  3. I agree with the sentiments today to end flights between West Africa and the United States. That would seem to be prudent thing to do even though Ebola isn’t as easily spread as first thought. One thing to consider is the fact the virus could easily mutate and then become airborne. If that happens, then we would be in serious trouble. I would not minimize the severity of a 50% death rate. Without intervention, it doubles its contact rate every three weeks. It’s a serious virus!

    On the second point of the show, the thing about Wild Bill was not too surprising. We all make rash decisions based on frustration or anger every now and then. On his page, did people try to talk him down from that position? He could do such a thing, but it would probably turn off the voting base and anger many people. What about people who didn’t vote that were unable to vote for whatever reason? Would he also print their names as not voting? How, pray tell, could he tell if someone did not vote because they were dreadfully sick. If he had a heart attack on that day, would he print his own name? I ALWAYS vote when I can; but sometimes I can’t, which is very rare.

    I hope you guys tried to talk Wild Bill down from that one because it would simply not be right to do that to anyone. I’m sure if people would reason with him he would eventually come around. He seems like such a nice person.

    I’m probably what you would call a radical, but I do vote and it is ALWAYS republican (except a couple of times when I was deluded). I don’t even look at their names. I don’t care if they are white, black, man, woman, or a transsexual or homosexual, they will get my vote. So…on that point, I think you might like my opinion. However, I think where we part ways is in who we would allow to vote, or who we associate with. Lincoln was a Republican and when he campaigned, it was not his wish to give blacks the right to vote. I wish they had never been given the right to vote. I understand that 5% of the blacks vote conservative, but the other 95% vote themselves a raise. They can and do swing elections! They simply don’t have the smarts to vote prudently; that is why the left uses them to gain power.

    I think the great diversity experiment is a total failure. The Swedes had better wake up out of their coma soon or they will lose their country. The natural growth rate of VERY fertile Muslim women is MUCH higher than the Swedes. The European whites and American whites are generally stupid! In their zeal to be all inclusive and feel good about themselves, they allow low intelligent parasites into their country who breed like rabbits, and they are supplanting the native culture. Do you want that? That is what is happening!

    Reading your material, I still feel that you try to be inclusive of all people (with the exception of Muslims). On that point, I say your attempt will be futile. Here is what I would do if I had my druthers: segregate blacks from whites (in general). I know there are many good blacks who would feel anger and resentment, but I don’t think we can live together anymore because of the bad ones. The experiment is over! We need to protect our own from them at this point. They have become a great burden to our society and are dragging us down. I would stop allowing non-whites into our country. Is that racist and prejudiced? Yes…but I don’t care anymore!

    If we keep allowing more and more non-whites and foreigners in the US, they will destroy our republic. That, my friend, is my opinion.