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On Trey Gowdy, Hillary, and Benghazi
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor Right Side Patriots on

"The calendar is the calendar."
- Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the 'House Selective Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi, Libya,' on when the final report will be released

Very odd...very odd first, the presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump...a man who loves to bloviate so much about his "good brain" guiding him on all issues regarding foreign policy...completely fails to even mention in any of his interviews or speeches Trey Gowdy's ongoing investigation and soon to be released report into the nightmare known as Benghazi.

And second, Hillary 'What Difference Does It Make' Clinton, seems not to even care if Trump does or does not mention the Benghazi investigation as she knows that no matter the outcome of the investigation and corresponding report that in the end, if indicted, Obama will pardon her if for no other reason than out of fear of her 'spilling the beans' on him...beans that involve both his involvement in Benghazi itself and his entire unconstitutional sham of a presidency as well.

Remember, it was Hillary not Trump who started the entire birth certificate brouhaha back in 2008 when she first ran for the Democratic nomination against Obama...and it was she who was given the position of Secretary of State by Obama when he won the election as basically a way for him to keep an eye on her and to keep her on a short leash so that she didn't 'talk' if you will about both where he truly was born and any questionable dealings he was involved in..

But right now let's deal with Hillary's involvement in Benghazi as it applies to her quest for the White House and the soon to be released Benghazi report...after all Trump himself has spoken over the years that he has the proof of where Obama was born so let him put up or shut up in regards to Obama's legitimacy...or lack be America's president. remember Benghazi...the anything but a YouTube video instigated attack on our American diplomatic compound in Libya where four brave Americans...U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and ex-Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty...were murdered as a direct result of both the inactions of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and (I believe) possibly on the order of Barack Hussein Obama in order to silence Stevens from exposing his (and possibly Hillary's) illegal gun and weapons running operation to the anything but Syrian rebels, and the man who (I also believe) did indeed give the order to 'stand-down' whether or not help could have arrived in time to save those very four American lives.

But first it's important to touch upon the latest findings pertaining to the Select Committee's investigation...a committee created in May 2014 and a committee whose efforts have continually raised both new and ongoing questions concerning the lack of security in Benghazi; an inadequate military response during the attacks; and why administration officials continued to publicly push forward a sickly narrative of a public protest as the cause of the attack when numerous eye witnesses both knew and have testified to the fact that no such event occurred.

Also, know that it seems the media is once again trying to sweep the entire Benghazi affair under the rug...on Obama's or any of his puppet master's orders perhaps...or maybe because to release the findings now...before the conventions...would put the final nail in both Hillary's and their 'anointed one's' political coffin and send them packing for a nice long stay in Gitmo.

Let's start with committee chairman Trey Gowdy himself, who says the committee's findings contain "important revelations," and who rightfully claims "obstruction" by the Obama administration as the reason for the investigation seeming to drag on for so long. And Gowdy bases this upon the fact that not only were key emails subpoenaed by the House withheld for more than 19 months, but that the State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon, and currently the Department of Defense, have all contributed to his delay in being able to release the committee's findings, which he had hoped to release by last December at the latest.

Specifically, Gowdy cites this delay as being due to his committee’s obvious lack of access to much needed documents and witnesses important to the investigation along with their delay in access to needed interviews with the military drone pilots and camera operators who flew missions over Libya on the night of the attack; their delay in receiving interagency meeting records from the week after the attack; and to what Gowdy and his committee members say is the fact that the agency waited until the summer of 2015 to deliver a “critical” message that positively confirmed there was no protest in Benghazi on the night of the attack...a message in an email that claimed to show who knew that information and when. Also, according to Gowdy, other pertinent information they requested early last year was only just received this past April.

And Republican committee member Lynn Westmoreland agrees with Gowdy's blanket assessment of "obstruction" and says that "when you are waiting six, eight, 10 months on documents and they dump ’em 18, 20,000 at a time, it delays it.”

And how right she and Gowdy are for roadblocks have indeed been thrown into this investigation since the committee's inception as can be seen by the examples cited above, with the latest and currently ongoing roadblock being with General Carter F. Ham himself, the very man who commanded the United States Africa Command (ARFICOM) on the night of the Benghazi attack. General Ham, who has been interviewed at least nine times by investigators, including by the House Committee on Armed Services, has yet to testify before Gowdy's committee, and now has House Republicans...of all things...postponing his recently scheduled appearance before the committee until June 8th, claiming scheduling conflicts.

But I personally think this delay has more to do with pressure from Democrats who say the timing of the release is nothing but a political stunt...a "political witch-hunt" according to Democratic committee member Elijah Cummings that will be used solely, as Cummings claims, to "harm" Hillary's presidential campaign if said report is released either too close to the Democratic nominating convention or before the general election in November. But Gowdy has said that while the committee still has not received all of the information it requested, the report will be released “in the next month”...meaning June...before both nominating conventions, but that if witnesses come forward after the publication of the report that it must be known that he "absolutely wanted it done in ‘15" but that he had and still has no control over access to documents and/or witnesses.

But harming Hillary's campaign should not be of any concern whatsoever as important questions must be answered as to why there was such a lack of security in Benghazi to begin with; why there was such an inadequate (basically nonexistent) military response after the attack began and continued on for many hours; and why Obama and crew continued to spew a story of a public protest over a 'supposed' mohamed defaming video when eye witnesses have testified that no such protest occurred.

Harming Hillary's campaign...a campaign built upon lies and much blood lost...does not for one minute matter as many included...that Hillary must be held responsible and must be made to pay the price for her involvement in the nightmare that was Benghazi as it was Hillary herself who when asked for more security hired the well known terrorist group the 'February 17 Martyrs Brigade' to guard the compound instead of arming and using our own people. And it was Hillary herself who either denied or simply and maliciously ignored Ambassador Stevens' numerous pleas for help in the very months leading up to the Benghazi attack as can be witnessed by Stevens' many emails sent to both her personally and to the State Department after the attack on the British compound mere months prior to the attack on the Benghazi compound.

Hillary Clinton, a woman who thinks the presidency is 'owed' to her...that' it's 'her time'...simply does not understand or just chooses to ignore the fact that the blood on her hands regarding Benghazi trumps any and all presidential aspirations she has.

"But after 11 hours of testimony (before the committee), answering every single question, in public, which I have requested for many months, I think it's pretty clear they're grasping at straws," Hillary said last February during an interview on ABC's 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos' regarding Gowdy's investigation.

No, I don't think Gowdy is grasping at straws as Hillary still has much explaining to do regarding the fact that on the night of the attack, including while the attack was still ongoing, she released a statement at around 10:30 pm EST to the public stating that "inflammatory material posted on the Internet" might have had some role in the attack. But an hour later she emailed her daughter Chelsea...on servers that had multiple private email addresses hosted on a home-brew server and which the Select Committee is in possession of records with two separate and distinct email addresses...that two Americans had been killed in Benghazi by an al-Qaeda-like group.

Well you can't have it both ways Hillary...and in trying to do so this most vile of women showed herself to be both totally unqualified and undeserving to serve as President of these United States as well as Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces for the first role as said commander is to protect American lives overseas not to turn your back on them, and surely not to help to arrange for their demise.

Simply put, due to the inactions of Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State, four innocent Americans died including a U.S. ambassador. Also, Hillary, with full knowledge of the events at Benghazi, out and out lied to both the American public and to the victims families as to the reason for the in that ridiculous YouTube video 'The Innocence of Muslims'...and in regards to the events surrounding both the prelude and the aftermath of the attack. And lest we forget that this is the very woman who helped topple the then pro-west governments in Libya and in Egypt, and who then thinking herself above the law had the audacity to deny security for Benghazi solely to cover up for the afore mentioned illegal gun and weapons running operation of her boss...Barack HUSSEIN Obama...which directly led to the deaths of the said four Americans.

So instead of Hillary seeking the presidency, charges of treason on the grounds of dereliction of duty, aiding and abetting the enemy, and complicity in the murder of U.S. government officials should be leveled against her. And charges such as those are the reason why the Obama administration is "obstructing" Trey Gowdy says...the investigation itself which in turn has led to the delay in releasing the committee's findings...after all Obama's head is on the chopping to much if not more so than is Hillary Clinton's.

And now we sit and wait to see if within the next few weeks Trey Gowdy is indeed able to release the commission's findings and if he does, hopefully it will prove there is indeed blood on both Hillary's and Obama's hands. But we must also prepare ourselves for the possibility that political wheelings and dealings behind the scenes allows both Hillary and Obama to once again delay their fitting for an orange jumpsuit as they breathe a sigh of relief for having pulled the bloody wool over 'We the People's' eyes yet Hillary Clinton now becomes assured to be Barack HUSSEIN Obama's third term in office...after all one bloodied hand does indeed wash the other.


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