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Independence Day...British-Style
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

“The E.U. is failing, the E.U. is dying.”   
- Nigel Farage, leader of the U.K. Independence Party

Woke up to some great but not unexpected news this past Friday morning for at exactly 06:00am BST, final confirmation came in that the United Kingdom (U.K.) has declared it is going it alone as it becomes independent of the collectivist vision and failures of the European Union (E.U.)…the organization it has been a member of since 1973. And we all know that the E.U…the condoners and welcomers of the muslim invasion of Europe…is a politically driven organization that revels in usurping sovereignty among its member nations and is the biggest proponent of multi-culturism…the very system proven by recent events not to work.

So as Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron announces his September resignation in wake of the people's voice…in a 51.89% to 48.11% decision where 72% of the more than 46 million of those registered, voted, and where the margin of victory amounting to around 1.3 million votes…it now becomes imperative that Britain starts the task of ridding itself of those who do not belong amongst civilized men as well as doing away with their ‘no guns’ laws, and they should probably be doing the later first so it can aid in the now second.

And the U.K.’s decision in wanting to be governed by British leaders alone, observing and honoring only British laws and customs, and controlling their own sovereign British borders, is based primarily on “discontent with the scale of migration to the U.K.” and its “pressure on jobs markets and public services,” and has now started to trickle down to other E.U. member countries as well as they are beginning to call for their own referendums…referendums to decide whether they will stay in the E.U. or exit it following the U.K.’s lead. 

Starting off with Italy’s anti-establishment ‘5-Star’ movement, Italy, a staunch supporter of ‘Breitx,’ has now officially called for a referendum on whether or not to keep the Euro, a major first step to leaving. And France’s pro-Brexit National Front party leader, Marine Le Pen, who called the U.K.’s decision “a win for nationalism and sovereignty across Europe,” has told France’s voters that their own referendum to exit the E.U. is in the making and will be followed through on if she is elected France’s next president. And Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands…whose Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders said, “Now it’s our turn”…are also considering leaving the E.U. as their country’s crime rates skyrocket…as they are running out of monies…as they and their way of life continue to get overrun by the muslim ‘anything-but-refugee’ invaders.

And now as the U.K.’s decision reverberates across the world’s financial markets amid fears the vote could “derail” the British economy…as in pushing it into a recession which in turn will shrink the British economy causing it to be between 3.8 % and 7.5% smaller by 2030…stock markets in Asia, Europe and in the U.S. (which at one point on Friday dropped over 600 points) got hit hard…at least temporarily…with Friday’s key indexes dropping more than 12% in Germany and about 8% in Japan with Britain's FTSE 100 stock index losing 3% of its value…actually losing 10% in real terms as the FTSE is priced in pounds.…all happening amid talk of trade wars starting. And with one ramification of the British vote being the fact that the U.K. sells half of its goods and services to the E.U., they now face the likelihood of having to ‘negotiate’ themselves not only back into that all-important market, but also with having to deal with its political relationship with the E.U. over the next couple of years…or so says anti-Brexit former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

And so as the world waits to see what happens next, the U.K. starts the process of amending or repealing many of the existing laws and economic regulations that bind its state institutions to those of the other E.U. member states. And now the question to be asked is can deals similar to the ones the U.K. and the E.U. currently have be worked out…sure they could but it would require considerable work and more than a bit of give-and-take between both sides… and with the current animosity this vote has caused that scenario seems highly unlikely.

Highly unlikely in fact for as expected harsh monetary realities are now tenuously falling into place including an all-important statement issued by Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, stating that the national bank will do all it can to support the Stock Exchange and the pound sterling, after said pound lost about 12% of its value against the dollar in a mere six hours after the vote was announced…making it the worst loss in decades closing at $1.3305. Carney also added that he “stood ready” to offer all necessary assistance to ensure financial stability, including £250bn of extra liquidity for the banking system and potential support for sterling.

Harsh monetary realities coupled with rummages of sovereignty within the U.K. itself as the vote has afforded Nicola Sturgeon, head of the Scottish National Party, to say that Scotland…who considers itself more European than British and who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the E.U.…must stage a second independence referendum before the U.K. finalizes its leave from the E.U. And if that vote succeeds, Scotland would likely petition for admission to the E.U. in its own right, especially after those who wanted to remain part of the E.U. warned that leaving could see the U.K. having to trade with the E.U. under World Trade Organization rules, which involves exporters being hit by high import taxes or tariffs.

So much for the United Kingdom staying united.

And Sinn Fein, the party that shares power in Northern Ireland and who has major support in the Republic of Ireland, has called for a referendum on unifying the two parts of Ireland...the Protestant north that's part of the U.K. and an independent Irish republic in the south. Remember, Northern Ireland stayed part of the U.K. after the rest of Ireland seceded in 1922, and the fact is that it really is high past time for the two Ireland's to become one country.

Again, the United Kingdom would become truly and maybe irrevocably fractured.

And here’s an added little something some might not be aware as it’s something the media really doesn’t want you to know…and it’s that the U.K. vote to leave the E.U. is not actually legally binding. And there are a few currently undisclosed ways the vote could either be blocked or overturned starting with ‘Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.’ Article 50…something never before invoked…outlines procedures by which a member state can withdraw from the E.U. if said member state notifies the E.U. hierarchy of its withdrawal which in turn then obliges the E.U. to try to negotiate a withdrawal agreement with said state.

And the fact is that the vote just taken does not legally comply with Article 50’s said notification clause…a clause all E.U. members agree to. However, notification could take place within a set number of days or could actually be put on the back burner for a just few months, especially since David Cameron wants his successor to decide when to inform the European Council to activate Article 50. But no matter, for once the U.K. invokes Article 50, they have a two-year window in which to negotiate a new treaty to replace its current terms of E.U. membership, while at the same time leaving the U.K. and E.U. leaders with the daunting task of working out issues like trade tariffs, migration, and the regulation of everything from ‘a to z’ so to speak.

So what is the real reason behind the U.K’s leaving the E.U. now that I’ve pointed out certain possible ramifications and fallout of its decision…what would cause them to risk all both economically and stability wise?

In three words…the muslim invasion.

And while some will continue to claim other reasons…like the E.U. being a threat to British sovereignty, the E.U.’s “overburdening” business regulations, the disaster that is the Euro (and one only needs to look to Greece as an example), amongst other things…it’s the muslim invasion on top of ‘legal’ immigration into Britain from other E.U. countries that really set the table for their leaving. Remember, one key E.U. law guarantees that citizens of one E.U. country have the right to travel, live, and take jobs in other E.U. countries, which many have done since the 2008 financial crisis. And with workers from Ireland, Italy, and Poland coupled with those looking for work from the poorer countries of Eastern Europe going to the U.K. in search of work, jobs are being taken away from British citizenry. So you can see the U.K being a smaller albeit E.U. dictated ‘legal’ version of what we face here in the U.S. in regards to illegals taking American jobs.

Now add in the E.U. sanctioned muslim invasion of Europe where a predominately young, healthy, male demographic of invaders…an army so to speak…are passing unheeded through border after border of E.U. member countries…it becomes obvious that the U.K. while watching its crime statistics soar had no other choice but to leave the E.U. as it’s E.U. membership itself that has forced the Brits to let in large numbers of these invaders pretending to be refugees…to let in murderers, rapists, and perverts, all whose goal is to turn the U.K. into but another member of the ever-expanding caliphate. And the E.U. knows this well but their muslim condoning hierarchy…consisting of the likes of Germany-destroying Angela Merkel who upon hearing of the vote said the vote was "regrettable" and a "watershed moment" for the E.U.…not unlike the situation that we here in the U.S. face with the likes of one Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

And what of Obama's roll in the U.K’s decision to leave the European.Union…proving the old adage that no one likes to be threatened or bullied, Obama actually aided in the U.K.’s decision to leave with his threats that if they did so the U.K. would be shoved to the back of the line in regards to trade and aid. Thus, once again, this most miserable of presidents turned his back on one of our staunchest allies…par for the course I would say and sadly shades of Israel revisited.

So what happens now that the U.K. has voted to leave the E.U. The first thing that must be noted is that the U.K. will not leave immediately, that they are still bound by all existing E.U. laws and treaty obligations, and will probably, due to circumstances, remain a European Union member for several years as a transition gradually takes place. And not to be forgotten is that in the fall of this year as mentioned previously, David Cameron will step down as Prime Minister as he has stated that he is not the right "captain to steer the country to its next destination"…a destination he was opposed to. Hopefully no later than the end of September, a new Conservative leader and prime minister will be elected and in place to move the leaving forward.

And while emergency meetings are now taking place in Brussels…the E.U.’s main headquarters…on how to deal with the U.K.’s departure…European Council President Donald Tusk has appealed for unity among the EU's 27 other members, saying the vote is historic but "not a moment for hysterical reactions." And of special note is the fact that leaving the E.U. is not an automatic process like some think as it has to be “negotiated” with and “approved” by those 27 remaining members and only when that happens…when the formalities are dealt with…will the U.K. be cut out of E.U. decision-making at the highest level, with no way back in unless unanimous consent is given from all other member states allowing them to reapply. And remember, too, that the European Parliament itself has a veto over any new agreement formalizing the relationship between the U.K. and the E.U.

So as the next couple of weeks unfold showing us the ramifications of the U.K. vote, all I can say is kudos to the United Kingdom for doing what was in the best interest of their people and their country. Now only if we would follow suit and vote to send the United Nations…the U(sless) N(ations)…packing…now that would be a good thing…a very good thing…and be yet another version of Independence Day…that being American-style.  

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