Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Play the race card and Obama and Holder walk
By: Diane Sori

Yesterday morning I saw a Florida Congressman (his name escapes me at the moment) talking on FOX News about the ‘Trifecta of Scandals’ and was amazed when he, a Republican, said that Eric Holder might NOT be guilty of perjury but just might have ‘misled’ Congress a bit in his testimony concerning the IRS and FOX reporter scandals. And this coming from someone supposedly on our side.

Then as I was watching the House IRS hearings I couldn’t help but notice the subterfuge in both NOT asking direct and pointed questions of new Acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel but also Werfel’s total lack of fact based answers given, as he just bloviated the standard Democratic party ‘we’ll fix it’ line.

And then it hit me as to why on these scandals and on Benghazi as well why NO one…especially Barack HUSSEIN Obama or Eric Holder…will ever be convicted of anything or see even one day of jail time.

And the reason comes in the guise of three little words…the race card.

The race card goes deeper than political correctness because the race card, in its deliberate exploitation of wounds that are still scabbing over, evokes fear of retaliation, of mob violence, of Watts revisited, and upon that fear the race card is used to render Congress and the American people impotent NOT only to fight back but to keep us in line.

And heaven forbid you happen to be a black Republican or a black conservative, then you might as well wear a ‘kick-me’ sign for you are nothing but a black racist for going against what is supposed to be the standard assumption that all blacks are Democrats, making you both a racist and worse…making you a traitor to your own people.

Making black patriots like Frederick Douglass a traitor because he campaigned for Abe Lincoln…making Martin Luther King a traitor because he was a registered Republican…making Herman Cain and LTC Allen West traitors for daring to call Barack HUSSEIN Obama to task.

And all this hate and fear is spewed out by the vocal very few yet their loud persistent voices helps to keep the American white majority cowering in fear of them, and it makes Congress afraid to do what they know needs to be done. The likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, Reverend Wright, and Louis Farrakhan spew out anti-white rhetoric every chance they get yet NO one dares to call them racist, but when Barack HUSSEIN Obama uses the race card against any and all who did NOT vote for him, do NOT support him, or who dare to question him in any way we, both white conservatives and black conservatives become racist bigots.

And these same vocal persistent few also keep playing the ‘you owe us for slavery card’ in conjunction with the race card…and lets NOT forget the ‘guilt card’ being thrown into the mix too. Yes, blacks were slaves…yes, that is a most shameful part of our American history,…but and this is important…this is something the vocal persistent few have blocked from their minds because it throws a wrench into their race card game…they conveniently forget that their own people, for the most part, sold their ancestors into slavery…so are blacks racists against fellow blacks…are blacks the ultimate slave masters against their own people…just something to think about the next time the likes of Farrakhan or Wright open their mouths and spew out their venom.

And so the race card just got shuffled to the bottom of the deck for the simple fact is that even after European countries began shipping black slaves to America, they did NOT need, for the most part, to use force to get those slaves (NO matter what ROOTS tried to portray) for the slaves were legally sold and/or traded for by their black tribal leaders. Historical scholars estimate that about 12,000,000 Africans were sold by Africans to Europeans, and 17,000,000 were sold to Arabs.

And while white America did tolerate slavery in our country’s beginning years, very few whites actually owned slaves. In 1860 when the slavery issue reached a boiling point, there were 385,000 white Americans who owned slaves, or about 1.4% of the white population of 27 million.

And here’s something else those vocal persistent few need to remember the next time they try to pull the scab off a trying to heal American wound…NO one alive today, or in fact for generations, owned slaves making the slavery card a fabrication of the very ones dealing out the race card.

So we need NOT fear the left using the race card during these hearings…and rest assured the race card will be pulled out soon if it hasn’t already been alluded to…for the race card is NOTHING but a cover to blanket 'the anointed one’ and those who orbit around him. And the sooner those conducting and participating in the scandal’s hearings…those who are so in fear of stepping on the toes of perceived racism…those buying into a political correctness propaganda ploy…those who have been conditioned by the vocal persistent few NOT to see past the color of Obama and Holder’s skin…those people need to see Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Eric Holder for what they are…anti-American thugs and enemy aiding and abetting traitors to this country and to ‘We we People’.

And their skin color be damned for a lying traitor is a lying traitor be he black, white, or pink with purple polka dots.


  1. Skin color should not be a viable reason to not select or like someone.

    1. Or to send them to jail if they're guilty.