Saturday, September 13, 2014

War...America is Indeed at War

By: Diane Sori

"War is the wrong terminology."
- Secretary of State John 'Swiftboat' Kerry trying to claim that America is NOT at war with ISIS

WAR...guess Kerry just does NOT know what constitutes war...or just does NOT want to accept the fact that once again America is at war...this time being dragged into war by a president who fears declaring war for political reasons alone and who has NO idea or desire to fight a war so that America wins.

And Kerry's cluelessness as to what is war could easily be solved if he went to a dictionary and looked it up for if he did he'd find that war is simply any conflict carried on by force of arms between nations or between parties within a nation whether it be by land, sea, or in a state or period of armed hostility or active military operations. And war...albeit a very limited and targeted exactly what Barack HUSSEIN Obama initiated when he ordered the first bomb to be dropped on ISIS. (article continues below video)

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And with John 'Swiftboat' Kerry obviously clueless...deliberately clueless perhaps... as to what makes certain actions...even limited actions...a war...he just does NOT get that even Obama's ’NO strategy' strategy is indeed an act of war...a misguided war but a war nevertheless...a war maybe NOT against a country per se but a war against an enemy within a country just the same.

“What we are doing is engaging in a very significant counter-terrorism operation, and it's going to go on for some period of time." While Kerry might be right to some degree about the fact that this conflict will indeed be going on for quite some time...the fact is it does NOT have to if Obama would act like a true Commander-in-Chief and give the order to 'shock and awe' the savages called ISIS back to the bowels of hell from which they came. And Kerry's continuing bloviations that "many different things that one doesn’t think of normally in context of war,” do indeed meet the definition of war.

And as Kerry keeps addressing what amounts to NOTHING more than semantics what he should be addressing...but obviously will the fact that Obama is trying to defeat ISIS without American 'boots on the ground' and without Arab 'boots on the ground' as well. And this anything but a true strategy is sadly doomed to fail... deliberately and calculatedly doomed to fail...for with ISIS completely melded into the civilian populace in the major cities of Mosul, Fallujah, and Ramadi, it will take hard-core urban warfare...a door-to-door, hand-to-hand campaign if you clear all of ISIS out of Iraq and Obama knows it. But his hoping that with some additional training and with some additional weapons this will allow Iraqi forces to do the job on their own is at best misguided thinking...outright dangerous thinking at worst...for Obama knows damn well that Iraqi troops have high-tailed it and ran in the past when the going got tough and he knows that without American troops by their side they will do so again...allowing ISIS to grow stronger, bolder, and more determined than ever before.

And stronger ISIS continues to grow as what was approximately 7,000 or so members back in June has now...according to the CIA...grown into an army of 31,500+ members (some estimates by other sources are as high as 80,000 members)...31,500+ members with each and every one of them determined 'in the name of allah' to kill us all. Picking up new members as they stormed through town after town in Iraq, ISIS has grown into and operates as a government of sorts as it's ISIS alone that now provides...or withholds...electricity, food, and water to the towns they take over.

And ISIS has NEVER hidden their goal of establishing a Sunni caliphate NO matter how many times Obama croaks that ISIS is NOT islamic. And ISIS is well on its way to that goal as they now... according to some estimates...control about 35,000 square miles extending from Syria though Iraq...a current swath of land roughly the size of Jordan...a swath of land with over 6 million people now living under their control...a swath of land that grows with each passing day. And ISIS has cash and assets on hand...a war chest if you will...of up to $2,000,000,000 (well above the assets of other terrorists groups like the Taliban and Hezbollah which only have assets of about half a million dollars each) well as garnering $3,000,000 a day on the black market from its captured oil and gas fields from which they can continually replenish their war chest.

But while ISIS has most assuredly grown into the most powerful militant group in Iraq...the most powerful militant group ever...its stranglehold on Iraq does rely to some degree on negotiating with smaller militant groups to forge alliances with them. And these groups include the notorious Mujahedeen Army, the 1920 Revolution Brigades, Ansar al-Islam/Ansar al-Sunna, the Army of Muhammad, and others all fighting against the current Iraqi government...all currently tied in with ISIS, but all still operating somewhat independently on their own or in conjunction with al-Qaeda, the very terrorist group that has deemed ISIS to radical, brutal, and extreme even for them.

And these alliances mean that ISIS is NOT as invincible as they and others think for alliances can be broken and new sides taken, and that fact can be 'manipulated' and used to help implode ISIS from within while at the same time having ISIS hit from without. But this would require strong and dedicated alliances on our side along with highly detailed strategic coordination that this president is simply incapable of doing...strategy that includes both a non-stop carpet bombing campaign that hits ISIS in both Iraq and Syria simultaneously so that ISIS has nowhere to run, coupled with the afore mentioned strong alliance of both Arab and American 'boots on the ground.'

But such alliances we sadly do NOT have as the commitment of the nine nations Obama says he has on board is weak at best as NO deal has yet been worked out with Turkey (as I write this), the Saudis big contribution (sarcastically said) to this alliance is to help train some Sunni forces to fight against ISIS (which will bring Iran into the mix for they will in turn then aid the opposing Shi'ite forces cancelling out whatever the Saudis do); Britain and Germany have announced that they will NOT join Obama's air campaign against Syria; Jordan refuses to say publicly it is in the fight; and the Arab world continues to question where Obama's true loyalties lie even though it's obvious to most that he sides time and again with his brethren over the country he was elected to lead.

So even with the facts presented, the bottom line for some...some like John 'Swiftboat' Kerry and Barack HUSSEIN Obama...remains a battle of semantics as are we at war with ISIS or are we NOT in a war with ISIS...but semantics and words mean little when the truth is that whatever words one chooses to use the end result is that the savages known as ISIS are indeed out to kill us all.


  1. If you ever have your CIA guy on again, you might ask him about the difficulty in battling a foe such as ISIS. This is not a conventional army that wears a uniform; it is composed of men dressed in regular Arab apparel except for the cloth that hides their faces.

    The only way to clear ISIS out using carpet bombing would be to kill both friend and foe as both are mingled together. The people are used as a protective shield for ISIS.

    With that said, I have to agree with you about boots on the ground! Obama will never defeat ISIS from the air (how can he tell friend from foe at 10000 feet?)

    Obama said that ISIS was not Islam. Is it a faction within Islam, and they use the Koran as a basis to commit their crimes against humanity. You correctly called this one as I think ISIS represents a major part of Islam. Obama saying that ISIS is not part of Islam or a religion is simply showing his naiveté in this case. Islam is not the religion of peace. It should be rooted out and expelled from our nation (Europe had BETTER do the same). To hell with the Constitution in this case! We allow freedom of religion to groups that don’t seek to destroy other groups simply because of their religious beliefs.

    So…in conclusion, your carpet bombing the area will not work because the enemy is not so clear cut as you might think. It would be like throwing the baby out with the water! Shock and awe does not work in this area; the enemies would simply scatter and regroup like cock roaches. The only thing that would work is boots on the ground and some sound, dependable friends.

    ISIS is using the tactics that Genghis Khan took to build his Mongol empire that spread across Asia. His motto was “join us or die.” It started out with just a small band of hooligans! How is convert to Islam or die any different than what the Mongols did? Yes…we are at war with ISIS and Islam (in my opinion.) Both need to be rooted out and expunged from our civilization because they want our destruction!

  2. I disagree...carpet bombing is exactly what's needed in conjunction with boots on the ground as 'collateral damage' is a part of war...if you don't want collateral damage don't go to war. And anyway those you think are your friends 'over there' will turn around and kill you in a heartbeat. Better them 'over there' than us over here. But I do agree...we are at war with islam...all islam...period.

    1. Our victory depends on the aim or goal, which I am not sure Obama has one (maybe some mild form of containment)!

      Since you say carpet bombing is the answer, I will entertain that thought for a moment.

      Now…if we carpet bomb the area that ISIS is located and kill everything in sight, that would indeed destroy both ISIS and the followers of Islam in that area. We would have expunged the cancer in that particular area.

      However, do we show any mercy to those innocent people who may by no choice of their own be mixed amongst ISIS? You call it collateral damage.

      This event actually has a historical basis in the Old Testament that people so easily condemn nowadays: Israel was told to EXPUNGE the enemy COMPLETELY! In other words: kill them all: men, women, children, and any yellow dogs that might be wagging its tail. EVERYTHING!

      One might ask, why should Israel be asked to do such a heinous act? Well…maybe God could see into the future and see the suffering these neighboring heathens would cost the world should they live and their posterity grow. Yet…you “Diane” seemed to condemn the Old Testament for its idea of eradicating homosexuality by stoning. How is your idea of carpet bombing EVERYTHING any different than that which was taught in the Old Testament for a reason? On the one hand you seem to condemn the Old Testament for that which you agree (homosexuality), but on the other embrace the Old Testament tactic of leaving no survivors.

      Anyway…Israel did not listen and now Israel is reaping what it has sown by not following the word of God. The posterity of those who it let live has come to destroy Israel.

      To totally eradicate the Muslim problem would cost the Christian world much more that it has the stomach to bear! Carpet bomb the Muslims! If we truly attack the Muslims without mercy, we might save ourselves, but alas, I don’t think we (most Americans) really have the stomach for it. We would rather sit by and let them behead us and burn down our places of worship than to do what is needed to fix the problem. The Muslims have already won the war! One fatal flaw to Christianity is to forgive your enemy and let them live. We see how that is working out. The enemy uses Christian teachings against us. The only hope for Christians is if Jesus Christ himself shows up and fights the battle for them.

      I will make a prediction: let’s say the bible is nothing but fables (which includes the Koran, etc.), the Muslims will eventually take over the entire world (with the exception of Russia, China, and North Korea) and we will be a worldwide caliphate (for awhile). How will that do that: using the same fear tactics as Genghis Khan (either join us or die).

      Most of those in the United States who votes now want to just get along; even it that means subjecting themselves to Islam. What a pathetic lot we have become! If the Muslims get nuclear weapons, the world is truly in trouble (that includes Russia, China, and North Korea). If the US is included in a new caliphate, the world is lost to Islam. By dent of their high birth rates, they will overtake the population in the western world and we would have given them our nations without a shot! Once they gain 50+ percent of the population of any western society, you had better join them or else!

      You have the right Idea, Diane, but to truly win the war you would have to expunge Islam entirely (which by the way is what they will do to Judaism and Christianity unless we convert.) Sure…you can carpet bomb, but remember, no tears afterward. Many innocent people will die to eradicate this cancer. When they start showing pictures of innocent people killed by our bombs, are you going to feel bad? If so…then you don’t have the stomach for this.