Friday, January 2, 2015

Its Happened Again but This Time the Race-Baiters Remain Silent
By: Diane Sori

When will some people learn the simple fact that if you go up against the police chances are it will be you who is at the receiving end of a bullet and NOT the police.

Case in point...coming just 10 days after Ismaaiyl Brinsley assassinated N.Y.P.D. Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in retaliation for the police (justifiable) killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, this past Tuesday 52-year-old Joseph Anthony Pacini was shot and killed by police in Drexel Hills, Pennsylvania, after police tried to serve him with a warrant for his Facebook threats, via YouTube videos, where he threatened to kill police and FBI agents.

In some of the videos, the previously twice-arrested Pacini claims he was falsely accused of crimes he didn't commit, begs for singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles to save him, and threatens to kill law enforcement officers who were always following him...following him in his own mind that is. And in his very last video, posted at 4pm the very afternoon he was shot and killed, he spews a rambling tirade that became a harbinger of what lay ahead as he said, “This is my coming out party. So if you want to try and bring me down I will [expletive] kill you and your whole [expletive] family all right? So go ahead and [expletive] with me.”

Well he did get to go to his coming out party but NOT in the way he intended.

Briefly, after going to his home in Clifton Heights to serve a warrant and seeing him leaving, Clifton Police followed Pacini into Upper Darby then tried to make a felony traffic stop and take him into custody. Unsuccessful, they were forced to call the Haverford Police and Upper Darby Police for help and together they were able to box Pacini into the driveway of a bank. Telling Pacini he was under arrest they then tried to approach the car Pacini was in, but instead of leaving his car with his hands up as instructed, Pacini chose to put his car into reverse and slam into the official vehicle of the Clifton Heights police chief. Pacini then attempted to run over the officers who were standing around the vehicle leading five officers to open fire on his car, hitting Pacini several times, rightfully killing him thus saving the taxpayers the cost of a trial and a lengthy prison stay.

And true to form and right on cue the kumbaya sorts struck up their band to bloviate that the police had killed an unarmed, and in their eyes, mentally-ill man. Blind to or simply ignoring the fact that Pacini's 2005 arrest was for recklessly endangering another person, false imprisonment, and making terrorist threats directed towards Philadelphia...his threats now became his sad reality when this man willfully decided to use his vehicle as a weapon.

And so the war on police continues on...continues on with the encouragement of the likes of Al Sharpton whose vile words, "What do we want..We want dead cops," and "NO Justice NO Peace," along with Obama having told the Ferguson anything but peaceful protesters to "stay the course" have set off the latest round of pure hatred by blacks against all those who wear the badge. But there is a difference with this particular shooting as this time the perpetrator was white as were the officers involved, and because of that one fact the race-baiters and specific the trio of Obama, Sharpton, and Holder...have remained oh so silent for to them who cares if a white man is shot dead and who cares if white officers are killed for to them all that matters is black folk.

Remember, since Obama first became president back in January 2009 there has been increasing anti-government sentiments (rightfully) spreading throughout this country because of the words and actions of both he and his administration. And that coupled with the race-baiting, white-hating trios false and overblown claims of a troubled relationship between local law enforcement and the black community has been the direct cause of once healing race relations being ripped open again, and in turn filtering down to its creating of a very dangerous situation for law enforcement all across the country. So dangerous in fact that the number of local law enforcement officers killed by firearms this year alone* rose by 56% and that number included 15 ambush deaths, with 50 officers being killed by firearms as opposed to last year's total of 32 such deaths.

Now add in these numbers...126 federal, local, tribal, and territorial officers were killed in the line of duty in 2014. That's a 24% rise from the 2013 total of 102 on-duty deaths. And...this should come as NO surprise...most of those officers killed in both local and national totals were killed by black perpetrators...something the media always seems to fail to mention.

But to be fair, it must be noted that whites have also murdered police officers. However, as opposed to the recent series of cop-killings spurred on by Al Sharpton and his ilk, the race of the officers played NO part in those killings. For example, the fatal shooting of two Las Vegas police officers ambushed last June by Jerad and Amanda Miller while they were eating lunch, and a Pennsylvania state trooper killed in an ambush in September as he walked towards his patrol car by survivalist Eric Frein (who then led police on a 48-day manhunt), were based on the generalized anti-government sentiments of the killers NOT on a vendetta against the police for their (rightful) killings of black thugs.

And if you go further back to May 20, 2010, two West Memphis, Arkansas, police officers were killed by a father-son team using AK-47s during a routine traffic stop...both of whom had posted anti-government rants on YouTube. And in April, 2009, Richard Poplawski, also using an AK-47, killed three officers who responded to his deliberately placed call of a domestic disturbance at his home, because he was convinced that the Obama government via the local police were going to take away his and the rest of America's guns. Again, the difference...and it's a big one...between these murders and the recent round of non-black police murders is that these people had NO idea what color the officers would be who stopped them or responded to their call. Does this fact temper down the fact that officers were murdered...absolutely NOT...but it does remove the racial aspects completely.

Race...for the Obama, Sharpton, and Holder trio (remember Holder seems always to take the death penalty off the table when blacks murder whites) and the thugs who idolize them... everything is about race...from their very existence to every move they make or thing they do they perceive is being done to them simply because of the color of the skin. Their words, actions, or deeds, matters NOT just that they are 'people of color' and NO more. That and anything a white man might say about their behaving badly.

For example, when white ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani stated his opinion that Obama was directly contributing to hate propaganda by encouraging black people to "hate the police," and then refused to back down or apologize for those words, black community leaders got bent out of shape with what has proven to be the truth...proven to be the truth by the very actions of black thugs behaving badly... with the key word being 'black.'

And the head black thug...the leader of the thug none other than the anything but Reverend Al Sharpton himself, and that can be explained quite simply by Giuliani's further words about the “anti-police” message being sent out to the black community. "When Sharpton, an outspoken agitator who has protested homicides of minorities by police since the 1990s, is in public with leaders such as Obama or New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio that stands for something. He is involved in every racial or quasi-racial issues that has involved any police officer…always on the side of whoever is against the police."

And how right Giuliani is because whether some choose to believe it or NOT actions do speak louder than words and Sharpton's direct relationship with both Obama and de Blasio...hell...he's both of their defacto but NOT admitted to race-relations (ill) adviser...helps to contribute to the overall anti-white, anti-police sentiments coming from this White House and to a slightly lesser degree from New York's Gracie Mansion. How so...because Obama and De Blasio both NEVER criticize nor counter any of Sharpton's words or fact, in the case of Obama, he continuously praises Sharpton's words and actions and feeds upon the Sharpton rhetoric of blaming whites for all that ails today's black community, especially its young black men.

And now as we await Sunday's funeral for assassinated Officer Wenjian Lu, the sad fact remains that this anti-white, anti-police sentiment is continuing to be spewed by the likes of Al Sharpton with his vile words, and by the likes of Barack HUSSEIN Obama with his silence in coming forth as president and calling for an end to thugs behaving badly...but then again how can he when he too is a thug albeit an educated one. And as the old saying goes, while you can physically take the boy... or in this case the man...out of the ghetto, sometimes you just can't take the ghetto out of the boy.

Just stating a fact as I see it.

* Figures as per the annual report by the nonprofit National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund


  1. Well this is different...when a white man behaves badly and gets killed all we hear are crickets from the Obama regime...Imagine that...I am shocked!

    The fact of the matter is this: white lives do not matter to blacks. For them only black lives matter.

    I view several blogs that have to do with race and crime; if only a small piece of this knowledge were widely known, there would be less empathy and guilt about the plight of poor blacks among whites.

    For example: New Nation News; Stuff Black People Don't Like, or the American Renaissance are good places to google facts.

    Just recently a elderly white man was brutally beaten in Brooklyn by a gang of money was taken. Does anyone other than me understand why the man was attacked. If the roles were reversed, the President of the United States would be on television denouncing the crime. The truth is WHITE lives do NOT matter!

    The truth is and what many people don't want to see is the futility of trying to raise blacks up to white standards. That is as great a task as converting Haiti into Sweden. This is a function of IQ. Blacks (Africanus Basketballus) simply are not smart enough to realize what they are doing is detrimental to their own kind.

    Nature - not whites - has given blacks the lower IQs. We cannot be responsible for that problem; nor can we change things. No matter where they go, they will be black: crime, trash, and mayhem follow them wherever they go!

    I hope in the new year more white people will see the futility of trying to tame the black man; it will not happen. To us...they are barbaric animals and should be separate from us.

    In the 1950s, black on white rape was about 3% of their total rapes; since our government has turned its back on us, that number has gone up dramatically. About 37000 rapes of white women occur annually by black men, but white men rape black women less that 10 women. In a population of greater than 50 million, they raped less than 10 black women. Now...can anyone see where the problem lies.

    Beside this blog...which is excellent. Diane and Craig do magnificent work, please for your own edification look at I think that is the blog. All the others are very informative as well.

    White people are under attack and we need to protect our own kind! Black LIES matter!!

    1. OMG you people are truly frightening!!!

      From the above poster: "For example: New Nation News; Stuff Black People Don't Like, or the American Renaissance are good places to google facts."

      That's like saying a Klan rally is a good place to learn about civil rights. All you people do is look for other people that reinforce your narrow thoughts. It's really quite sad. None of your "news" sources are real news, and they have no obligation or desire to post facts. It's just a circle jerk.

      A recent example of this "bubble" behavior is a satire article posted on the Daily Currant. The Daily Currant is a 100% satire website; all of it's "articles" are intended for amusement or to make a point, just like The Onion. The article spoke of a Ferguson protested that accidentally burned down his own home, accidentally mistaking it for a convenience store. Rightwing social media took this as a real news story, since it reinforced their belief that black people are stupid and violent. When commenters would point out that it was a fake/satire article, nobody would believe it. Why? The article reinforced their preconceived notion so there was no need to go any further. Sad. Who are the stupid ones again?

    2. Diane, one more point. The websites referenced by the above poster have very clear ties to white supremacist organizations. This person, with these beliefs, posts on your site daily. What does that tell you? He/she frequents 3 white supremacist sites, plus your blog. Is that who you are, or who you want to be?

      I come here mainly for amusement, to see what the "other side" thinks. This is really a little too much. It's more hateful than I ever thought it was. I'm sad that these people with these beliefs still exist in this country, and that there are groups and websites that support them. Apparently your blog is one of them.

      Diane, what are your thoughts on this?

    3. Everything you said about my original post is false! I challenge you or anyone else to go to those blogs mentioned above and show me ONE GODDAMNED thing that was false.

      You can't do it because the blogs only give our CORRECT information!

      You want to debate, then prove your GODDAMNED point JACKASS!

      You call people racist, but don't provide any rebuttal. Have you even READ those blogs? All they do is expose the black race for what it FUCKING is!

      If you are ANY color than black, or even if you are black, take a stroll in North St. Louis and tell me how that works out for you. Recently a young white man was killed by some NEGROES in St. Louis with hammers. Does that sound like fun for the white man? Do some research

    4. Are you kidding me?

      Let's look at "American Renaissance". It was founded and is run by Jared Taylor, a well know white supremacist. He's spoken on the same stage as David Duke and has been interviewed by Stormfront, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi founded by a Klan member. That's a legitimate, non-racist news site, right?

      "Stuff Black People Don't Like". Really? How can you even claim to not be looking for a reason to reinforce your beliefs when you cite websites like that?

      "New Nation News". Another overtly white supremacist website. They don't even disclose on their website who they are, at all! We should trust them?

      Here's a real newsflash that you can actually verify from multiple, legitimate sources. The Confederacy lost the war. If you can't deal with it I suggest you take the blocks out from under your house, hitch up the truck and hit the road. Your kind of hate is not wanted in my country.

    5. I keep challenging these low-life bigots to walk the walk and go back to Europe, but they seem afraid of that option.

    6. Hmmm...ain't it interesting that my troll criticizes white supremacists but says NOT a word about the race-baiting, white-hating, avowed racists Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the anything but Reverend Al Sharpton, AG Eric Holder, Mr. G-D America Reverend Jerimiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, the Nation of islam's Louis Farrikham,..need I go on.

    7. Ah, OK. So you're all good with white supremacists, hate groups, and Klan members who post on your site. I didn't realize, until now, that you overtly supported those things. I actually really, really thought that while you might display some racist thoughts, you weren't a supremacist. That's a whole different level, and I was sure that you weren't there. I was proven wrong by you again!

      So Diane, you agree when your commenter refers to black people as "Africanus Basketballus", and when he/she states "Nature - not whites - has given blacks the lower IQs".?

      What does your idol Colonel West think about these things? I haven't seen him do any interviews for Stormfront.

      Why don't you give your Klansmen one of your patented "I agree with everything you've said" statements, because we now know that you do.

    8. Hey Diane, I went ahead and sent Col West a message through his website. I'm curious what his take on this would be. I'm also wondering how he'd like knowing that there are photos of him standing proudly next to not a racist, but a white supremacist. I can't wait to see what his reaction is. What do you think it'll be? Do you think he agrees that he's less intelligent than you due to his skin color? Will you argue that point with him if he disagrees with you?

    9. Allen West has already disagreed with Diane on her "wonderful" self-applauding radio show. Flew right over her pompous head, as she continued on about how right she was. So don't expect anything other than that from her......."Byyye guys"

    10. After reading more of the comments, I noticed that Ahiga is back. Welcome back Ahiga, I thought you was gone after you and I got into it over who was the original occupants of North America. The fact remains that some of the oldest fossils are those of Caucasian people and not the Altaic people of Siberia. Sorry, we were here first and you MURDERED our people. That means I will NEVER forgive you and you must supply me with welfare money the rest of my life (even though I will NEVER forgive you or your people). You can't get around the fact that American Indians living around the Great Lakes have mitochondrial DNA passed from the mother's side. They probably made the women slaves after they murdered the white men. That is just a theory!

      I knew you would be back even though you got pissed off and left without debunking what I said. Sorry my friend, only truth is found here! Sometimes the truth can be brutal.

      Tell you what Ahiga, I would go back to Europe if you will go back to Central Asia!

    11. Wow you're so full of it! I haven't heard anyone bring this up in a long time, I thought you wingers had forgotten about this discredited bullcrap. For anyone that doesn't know, this "theory" was floated around a lot of right-wing websites and publications. Why? I don't know, perhaps to make people feel better about the genocide committed against the native peole, I suppose. Anyway, I'm not surprised at all that our white supremacist friend believes it hook, line and sinker.

    12. Alrighty then, it will take time, but I will find the scientific journals and then quote them! Then try to debunk that! It is FACT not fiction that there were white people in North America and their DNA is found in some of the Indians of North America.

    13. Uh excuse me but Allen has NEVER disagreed with me as he and I share the same opinions on what is going on in today's America. And I was a volunteer on both Allen's election campaigns and he knows exactly where I stand and will laugh at whatever is said about me by a liberal troll.,,nor am I a white supremacist or a racist of any Mr. Troll you can shove it where the sun don't shine.

  2. First of all, I am the person who posted the original post. I have found nothing to indicate the sites I saw was anything but factual information. Unless you can prove the sun doesn't rise in the east and set in the west, blacks have a bigger problem with whites than whites have with blacks.

    Diane is shown with Dr. Ben Carson. I think Allen West is a good guy, but unfortunately for him many of this kind of people are bad; more so than my kind of people.

    Do you or anyone else here deny the fact that over 90% of the murders in St. Louis are committed by blacks? Do you deny they are the biggest killers of themselves? PROVE ME WRONG GODDAMN IT! If I am a fucking racist by telling you the truth, then so FUCKING be it asshole! Prove why "I" or any other white should want to live with this group.

    I bet Allen West (who I would vote for) would not uphold their bad behavior. The sites I mentioned are not racists, but factual. If I am in error, THEN FUCKING PROVE IT ASSHOLE! people are retards!

    1. You're right, the sites you mentioned are not racist. They are way, way past that. They are white supremacist, and so are you.

      I particularly love how you yell(with caps) and curse. It reminds me very much of some Klan footage I've seen on documentaries. Are you wearing your white robe now?

    2. Diane's picture is NOT with Ben Carson, it's with Allen West. I know you're a proud white supremacist and you think all black people look alike, but come on! And you're calling us "retards"?

  3. Jared Taylor is a good father, husband, and American. He wants the best for all people. He can clearly see the internecine relationship between blacks and whites at this time. He understands that the main problem has to do with low IQ, low impulse control and genetics.

    He in NO way demonizes blacks or tries to insult them; but there are major differences between the races that whites continue to ignore.

    The United States and Haiti are two of the oldest republics in North America. One is a rat hole...and the other has modern cites, running water, and many other amenities. What is the difference between these two countries? One has majority whites, and the other majority blacks.

    Haiti mirrors what is seen in the Congo, because they are all basically African in heritage. They have the low IQs of Africans which shows in the decrepit state they live in. Detroit is now following in the same path as Haiti and The Congo. They are devolving to the mean IQ of about 80 (barely above morons).

    I understand why blacks hate whites: they are covetous of our riches and knowledge. However, sooner or later we must look at the problems in the black community and discuss real solutions to their problems.

    First...the VAST majority will never be rocket scientist. Second...we need to find work for them to do (maybe picking melons). I am white and picked pineapples and it did not hurt me at all. I actually got stronger! They cannot do well in any job that requires a lot of thought.

    For the safety of whites, I think we should not coexist in the same neighborhoods. Give them their reservations, and we will stay in our communities, and the Indians can live on theirs. However, the main problem as the article above shows is with black people hating whites. To deny this fact is ludicrous!

    Believe me, all they want to do is kill whitey. Jared Taylor and people like him see the facts as they are. They have NEVER printed anything remotely incendiary as "kill blackey."

    1. Holy crap! So, you start off by saying what a great American this white supremacist is. In the middle you talk about how Haiti is a republic in North America... ROFLMAO!!! Then you go in for the big finish.... blacks are only smart enough to pick melons, and we should keep them on reservations! Woohoo, there's a trifecta of hate and stupidity if I've ever seen it.

      Go ahead, Diane, defend this person. I dare you.

      By the way, white supremacist commentor: I'm a white guy and I'm FAR more afraid of people like you than I am of any black person.

    2. defend what you just said...the average IQ of American Blacks is about 85. That would make them either blue collar workers - at best, or they could pick fruit as a job. The average black cannot do much more than that. I would NOT discriminate against blacks if the CAN do the job; but no more goddamned affirmative action! They can sink or swim...their decision. I am for work and pay based on MERIT!

    3. Did this idiot just criticize the IQ of African Americans, AND call Haiti a "republic of North America"? This blog is an evil racist twilight zone. Unbelievable.

    4. This blog nor this blogger did NOT call anybody anything...I cannot nor will try to control what others say except to delete my liberal trolls personal attacks against me and/or my readers.

    5. You're the biggest race baiter around Diane. Truly sick.

  4. Replies
    1. Ahiga...I am only for common sense! We need to address the problems in America and black people are unfortunately a big problem for us. We do need to help them what we can...but it us up to them to find work and provide for their OWN families. We do not own them a living, or money, or affirmative action...or any of that! What is better: to teach a man to fish, or give him a fish?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. We were a "problem" for you too once.

    4. Do white people rape your people? Kill your people? I think NOT!

      All white people want is freedom from crime! White men do not rape black women or American Indian women; they do not have knock out games.

      I give respect when I get respect. Blacks in particular do not deserve respect. They drag the entire country down and their leader is Obama,
      Holder, Sharpton and Jackson. The dregs of society!

    5. You need to learn some history.

  5. The claim that Jared Taylor has spoken on the same stage as David Duke is simply a lie. The poster is so eager to play guilt by association that she feels the need to lie. Having caught her in one lie, we can now disregard all of her comments.

    American Renaissance is a race realist site dedicated to following the evidence no matter where it leads. They do not preach racial hatred - unlike, say, Reverend Jeremiah White, Malik Shabaz, Al Sharpton, and Obama's buddies in the new Black Panther Party. In March 2007 Obama actually marched with the New Black Panthers in Selma, Alabama, while on the campaign trail. Photos of the event show him sharing the podium with Malik Shabazz, former National Chairman of the New Black Panther party.

    The professional hate sniffers who smear Jared Taylor at every turn seem to have no problem with Obama's affiliations with black terrorist organizations.

    1. You may be right about speaking on the same stage; however David Duke has attended Amren conferences numerous times; the conference put on by Jared Taylor. Jared Taylor is also an anti-Semite. So there you go, if you're good with this have at. Hey, go ahead and proudly shout "white power" or "zeig heil" or whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy there, Billy.

      Oh, and Obama didn't march with the NBPs in 2007. He attended thw 42nd anniversary of the march on Selma with thousands of other marchers, and there were, in fact, several NBP members there. Breitbart, the fine, reputable news organization that it is, did a major smear job on the story, making up their own facts to fit the narrative they wanted.

      So, again, you call us the haters, or hate sniffers, but you support white supremacists, anti-Semites, and Klansmen? WTF?

    2. I have never heard Jared Taylor say anything anti-Semitic concerning Israel or the Israeli people. For that matter, he is also kind to blacks and says nothing racist against them. If David Duke attenuating the conference conducted by Jared Taylor, that does not mean Jared Taylor agrees with all that David Duke says. Just because you visit this site does not mean Diane agrees with everything you say, or what I say. We are free to think like we want! However, I have never heard Jared Taylor utter a racist think on any of his videos.

    3. I meant to say "attended" versus "attenuating." Sorry for the typo!

  6. I would like to say one more thing on this topic and then I am going to let it go!

    I believe the liberal reader's are confusing scientific fact and calling blacks out on their bad behaviour as racist. I disagree with that! It is simply noting where a problem lies.

    I will listen to tomorrow's broadcast on CPR and see if Diane addresses this issue. The best way to find out how she thinks on an issue is to listen to her. However, I tend to agree with her most of the time.

    1. You people used "scientific facts" to justify killing us off.

  7. FYI...Craig Andresen did a good weekend addition on the gentle giant and others. For all liberals it is definitely worth the time to read. I think it at He tells it like it is! Diane and Craig make an excellent team!

  8. In reference to the difference in intelligence between white and black humans.

    White people are dumb

    1. Some people of all races are dumb...some people of all races are smart.